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February 22, 2003
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Night Moves, Writing, and Puttering

12:57 pm: Today's been a very, very quiet day. Jet slept wonderfully last night. I guess all the chasing around really tired him out. He slept all the way until 3 am, and when I got him, his nose was stuffed, and after ten minutes of trying to get him to sleep, he demanded milk. So we went downstairs and I made him milky water and heated it. He drank a few swallows of that while I found that his diaper was completely unfastened.

Jet's started pulling the tabs off his disposable diaper when it's itching him. I think the 3's are starting to get too small for him. But every once in a while he managed to completely unfasten them, especially inside his sleeper. So I just put a new one on him. I also put a bit of clean, filtered water up both his nostrils and managed to use the aspirator, very gently, to clear his nose. Jet didn't fight it when I was very careful about it and when I got done, he smiled at me.

We went back upstairs, with his warm water milk and I got his bear to him, and we rocked in his rocking chair until he was asleep. It took a little while with all the stuff that had gone on, but he did just fine. I was very glad.

At 6, John took him, and I slept until 9. I took over, and then John slept until noon, which is when I managed to get Jet down for his nap. So we should all be caught up. I'm getting a little time to catch up on my journal, now, and it's good to be able to use my Visor and keyboard without having to fire up and sit at my work computer. I get to watch some Food TV and write. Yay!

I wrote a lot. We had a very quiet afternoon and evening, and Jet played. He went outside with John and had fun in the snow. It's been snowing since last night.

Since we'd already done the grocery store run yesterday, we had no urgent errands for today, so it was nice to just putter around the house and get things done. I liked getting the opportunity to update my on-line journal and finish off last year. It's always odd to try and sum up a year of living and have to try and cram it all into a few paragraphs.

I got most of the year pages put back together, but didn't quite get the summery page together for January. So I just left it at the end of January. I should have time this weekend to get most of this month up and then I'll be set with as much as I have until the cruise. John reminded me that my parents are arriving next week, and that we might have more time for some things, but less for others as we have to show them some of the ropes of how to take care of Jet after various things.

The cruise is for a whole week, and I am having the same misgivings and hopes as before I went off to DunDraCon. I think he'll be okay and my parents will be okay. I think John and I should have a great time. I still worry. *grin

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