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January 14, 2003
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Rainbow Boy, Bookstore, and Pizza

7:11 pm: We all had a really good day. It started with a really good night by Jet. He was up twice, and went back to sleep relatively easily both times. He didn't even ask to nurse when I got him. That was pretty cool.

I was up with him at 6:30 when he got up and we nursed then. By the time we were done, it was well past 7, so I just stayed up and played with him. John was up and out of the bedroom at quarter 'til 8, so I was able to take a good, long shower. I am enjoying the tail end of my Banana Moon soap and am really enjoying how I smell after I wash with it. I'll have to use more of their scented soaps, sometime, but I have a whole bar of grapefruit glycerin soap to get through, first.

So I got to work on time, no problem, and spent the morning in meetings. Some more or less productive than others. I rushed home at noon so I could have lunch before my 1:00 meeting, and found Jet awake and rainbow colored.

Yeah. Rainbow Jet. John had gotten him home, he hadn't wanted to nap, so John got him playing before he had to take a phone call for a meeting. Jet started drawing. Not only on his notebooks, but on his shirt, his overalls, his train, and all over his arms, hands, and a few touches on his face and feet. Happy boy.

He wouldn't let us wash him, at all. He loved his bright glory. He was red, purple, orange, green, and blue all over. It was pretty impressive.

So I nursed my little peacock and he went right to sleep. I tucked him into his seat and went upstairs and had the first of my afternoon meetings. It was a more impromptu one, based on need, so it was also very useful and directed, and it ended right when we were finished with the list of stuff we had to discuss. So it was only forty minutes long. That was really good.

John brought up a grilled ham and cheese sandwich near the end of it, with chips, carrots, and a glass of seltzer. What a wonderful husband. I brought the last of it down and actually had lunch with John, which was very nice, and he said that he had a plan to go get some presents for Marina when I was in my 3:00 meeting. I approved, eventhough I'd left my harddrive at work so couldn't really do much on my work machine. I could still sit and think into my notebook. That alone was really good.

At 3, I had my least useful meeting of the week, and I got other things done while people talked. At 4, I found the boys still in the house. John had been handed an emergency, so they finished up things while I met, and then the three of us went into Longmont and visited Borders and had a blast. Jet found the most amazing things. He found a doll with black hair and said, "Eudora!" I blinked, thinking it was just some black-haired doll, but, indeed, it was Dora the Explorer. He promptly dropped her, and started finding all kids of dolls, stuffed animals, and toys in what I had thought was a book store. Wow.

He also found the whole section of taped books and pointed them out. In the music area, Jet snatched up a Jimmy Buffet CD and handed it to me. I know he likes Jimmy Buffet, but I was amused that he picked it, anyway. He found Alien clocks that bobbled when one put them at odd angles. He found octopus bookmarkers. He even found little gift bags with plastic tubing for handles and silver hearts on the sides. He looked really cute hauling one of those around.

In the meantime, John found the gifts he wanted to get Marina, and the Spike Lee book, "Please, Baby, Please!" It's a great little book with his two-year-old daughter in it and all the situations we find Jet in everyday. There will be a time when that'll be a more accurate representation of these days than many things we might ever keep.

From there we thought about going home for dinner, but halfway there, there was an Abo's. So we stopped for pizza. They make an excellent New York style pizza, thin, chewy, crisp edged, tasty crust in huge slices that they put a few toppings on and make killer hot.

Jet was very impressed when he got a whole slice himself. He tried picking the whole thing up but couldn't get a good handhold that wasn't HOT. So I convinced him to keep it on the plate and to lean forward and just eat the tip of it. He did. He then proceeded to eat the first three or four inches of the pizza, crust, cheese, sauce, pepperoni and all. Wow. When he got tired of that, I cut a kid-slice from the rest of it and he ate all of that while I ate the rest of it. He probably ate half a huge, New York slice. It was impressive. He normally hates the crusts on most pizzas and will taste it, chew it, and spit it out. Here he actually gnawed away at it and seemed to really enjoy the chew.

I was glad.

Home again, home again. John put on a bunch of good music, and we danced and played with cards, trains, and letters. I made myself some hot chocolate, and, for a lark, took a cup of milk, added the Indian yogurt to it, added a tablespoon of dried, non-instant nonfat milk, and tucked it into a flat Gladware container and tucked that into my warmer. I want to see if the low-profile changes how the culture works, though I've also changed the culture and the milk (whole instead of part skim). I wasn't impressed with the Alton Brown recipe, in my other setup, as it was thin, not curd-like. So I'm kind of hoping that this will actually curd.

We'll see.

I'm amazed at how much more I feel capable of tackling with my new-found sleep at night, without the up and down interruptions of when Jet was up three to six times a night. Mmmm... REM....

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