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January 23, 2003
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Shattered Ice and Cool Questions

Pretty much everything hurts today. My hands are aching pretty badly, along with my body. With the cut down on feedings I'm leaking mildly as well, and it's kind of sad and achy all together. Grump.

I spent the morning just concocting my status, and getting ready for my 1:1 with my boss. I was pretty relieved when Jayashree was okay both with the one month vacation John and I were thinking of taking in July and the fact that we're thinking, in two years, of moving away from Colorado, somewhere onto the West Coast. She said it would be just fine and that we'd figure out something for me to do on my own, if I liked.

We figured that with two years' notice that we'd be able to find me something of a different job sometime. She spoke of phasing my job out, but we're working pretty hard, already, to figure out a way to phase the job out anyway. Maybe hand it over to marketing. Though that might be my cue to walk over to marketing, sometime. But it'd be much harder to talk to folks on my own. I was, however, relieved that she was fine with both long-term plans. That was good.

Joan decided to keep Jet until noon today, and said that she'd just drop him off when she was done. So I got a bit of extra time in the morning, after my 1:1, so I took a little time to go out and refill the birdfeeder. It needed it. While I was out there, the sun started shining, and it cut through the bitter cold in amazing fashion.

The trees, this morning, had been sheathed in ice, as the snow started to sublimate or melt a little and then froze again. When the sun came out, I started hearing small, shattering sounds. It turned out to be small chunks of ice from above, that were falling off the trees and shattering on the hard ground, the concrete of the driveway, and on other branches of the tree itself. So there were small rainbow plumes of shattered ice going off everywhere. Wow.

When Jet came home, we ate lunch together on the counter. First his ramen, which we both ate some of, and then I steamed two sweet-corn tamales for my lunch, but when I started eating them, he came over and dug in as well, with a spoon. He ate quite happily and got through most of one himself. Afterwards, I sliced up an apple for him, and he took some slices along with, unbeknownst to me, my Lamy fountain pen. He drew with it for a while, got green ink all over his hands, and then started eating his apple.

The single slice of apple was a green as spring. Yow.

At 1:30, I put Jet to sleep by nursing him and then I got into my 3-4 meeting, which ran long, and went 'til 5. Growl. I had my head phones on and I really liked them when Jet got up at 4. I'm rather glad he slept long, and John got home in time to take over soon after that, so I could finish my meeting in peace.

John brought in an invitation to a baby shower, and an invite, this weekend, for dinner. So we're going to have some fun.

I used some of the dried, red chile and made red chile chicken, using the leftover chicken. It was pretty easy, and very tasty and we ate the chicken with beans, rice, tomatoes, avocado, and flour tortillas. Jet watched me eating tortillas, straight, and he stole it right off my plate and started munching away at it. Sometimes I am convinced that Jet'll only eat things that he steals from me. It's pretty funny. He also managed to eat some of the Spanish rice, and, later, stole another of the fresh tortillas for his own. So the Costco, fresh tortillas are a big hit with Jet. Yay!

The coolest thing of the evening was Mom and Dad sending us a list of questions about what to do with Jet. It was just so *COOL* that they were asking stuff. I really liked that a lot.

Jet and I had a great time, tonight, after dinner. We wrestled, read, and played and chased and stuff all around the house. It was great. When I finally fell over from exhaustion, he ran over, jumped on me, and then peeled my t-shirt up to buzzurp my tummy. Hee. We ended up building gear towers with his gears until he finally got tired enough to go to sleep. So we changed him, got him into his PJ's, got him milk and went through the new routine. It's working really well with him.

I'm so glad that he's actually sleeping more at night, now.

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