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July 23, 2003
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Fruit Salad

10:24 p.m.: We went to Caffe Artigiano's for breakfast, after a long sleep. The pillows in the hotel are feather, so were much harder than I'm used to pillows being. So I had a crick in my neck, but otherwise had done pretty well with sleeping. I'm getting far too used to theese uninterrupted nights of sleep between the hotel and George and Isabel taking Jet for the nights. I've been very, very grateful for that.

The cafe was good. We hit the road in far happier fettle than we'd come in. The great food, cosmopolitan surroundings, and good rest we'd had had done us a world of good. The adventures we'd had were all ones that we likely couldn't have done with Jet, and it was all a great vacation away from it all. I think I may actually have been relaxed today for the first time this whole trip.

The drive south was mostly uneventful. Though, at the border, we realized, too late, that we had to stop at the Canadian side of things to get the form and get receipts stamped to get our GST refund. Oops. I actually ran back to get the form only to learn that only receipts of over fifty dollars qualify and that they have to be stamped right there. Oops. Not that it would have been a lot, but I did learn that our hotel receipts automatically qualify, so we can get a good 15% discount off what we paid for our rooms! That's pretty good.

We called Dave when we got near Bellingham, and found that they were still in Tacoma, so there wasn't any realistic chance of meeting up. Not a terrible thing, with the other morning, but it was good to find out. We also stopped at Dixie's and picked up two cases of root beer and had sandwiches without the Man because Gene was no where to be seen when we came out with our sandwiches and drinks.

Mt Angel Root Beer is just one of my favorite root beers. I'm not sure why, but I think that it's raw sugar and lots of licorice in the mix. It's very distinctive, and I really enjoy it, but we didn't go by Mt. Angel, so we hit Dixie's instead and got a good 33% discount by buying it by the case instead of the bottle.

From there we got home, and Jet was napping when we got there. When he yelled on waking up I got to him, and he grinned and snuggled in for a good, long nursing. Ahhhh... relief...

We spent the afternoon making fruit salad. First we all headed to a grocery store to buy all the fruit and then we went home and made it. I wanted to do something mildly unusual, and we had cherries, grapes, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, and cantaloupe. No bananas, apples, pears, or peaches. John pitted all the cherries. I sliced both melons, hulled the strawberries, washed and added the blueberries, and got Jet started on the grapes.

He did great! He carefully pulled each grape from the stems and added them to the salad whenever he had a small bowl full of the extra sweet grapes. He also ate huge amounts of watermelon and cantaloupe. I think he ate four small slices of each, diving right into them. So I know that he'll eat melon. Yay! I also picked a lot of spearmint from Isabel's herb garden and sliced the leaves very thin and added the chiffonade to the salad to give it a little something extra.

Jet ate so much that his tummy was all rounded when we loaded the huge bowl of fruit and him into the Eurovan along with all our swimming gear and headed a few short miles to Shoreline Yacht Club.

All the old Synario folks met us there, and we had a nice little party by the pool. Everyone liked the fruit salad. Even the kids had mounds of it on their plates. Summer fruit, yum. Jet even stopped long enough to eat some of the melon out of it. He played and swam and scared both John and I by running around the pool and looking like he could jump into the pool at any second. He had a little dinner when John and I did and then went back into the pool.

During the second swimming time, he was jumping into the pool and with a little help from John, got redirected towards the ladder, which he'd find and then use to pull himself out and do it all over again. In the midst of the twentieth time of doing that, John decided that he didn't really have to do that, so he just let Jet figure out how to get to the ladder himself. It took him a time or two, but then Jet realized that he could do it himself, and he was pretty much jumping in, swimming to the ladder and pulling himself out to get a breath and then do it all over again. So Jet can now jump in, swim a fair distance, underwater admittedly, but a fair distance while holding his breath!

Wow. He does more every day.

It was very cool to catch up with everyone. A decade ago nearly none of us had kids, and now all of us do. It's pretty amazing. Some have two, some have one, but it's all a group that has sympathy! Woohoo! Hee. It was really fun to just talk about all the things everyone's been trying. Deirdre and Paul, who had done their five-month road trip with three-year-old Isabel were the inspiration for us to think that we could do our one-month trip. They were there and it was fun to talk with the now five-year-old Isabel and see how much she'd grown up in that time.

It was just so cool to just talk with people again.

What was funny was having everyone comment on how much Jet looks like me but acts like John, even to how he walks and how he jumps into the pool. Hee.

That was fun. It was over too soon, and everyone scattered back to their lives. It was a school night, so it was understandable that everyone wanted the early to bed. Plus with all the kids it was better to have the early night.

That was well worth doing

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