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July 24, 2003
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Pho, Somerset Pool, and the Baldwins

With the late night and all the activity yesterday, Jet disappointed Isabel, mildly, by not getting up until 8! She had to leave at 7:30 for her Ladies' Breakfast without Jet. She had been planning on taking him with her, as his normal waking time had been around 6. But he was so tired form yesterday that he slept in.

We had a quiet morning, and when Isabel came back, we all went out to lunch. We all walked to Factoria and went to I Love Pho, which was a rather upscale mixed Asian food place. They had pho, which was pretty good. Jet ate a pile of noodles. George enjoyed his bowl of soup as did everyone else. The bean sprouts were a little blackened, the soup wasn't as clear as it could be, but they were minor detractions to an otherwise successful lunch.

Isabel and I ordered "Pearl Tea" drinks, which had no pearls unless you added them and no tea. They were actually fruit slushies, with lots of ice, syrup, and a little real fruit. That was nice for the not walk back. Jet liked both slushies, and drank a good deal of both of them.

The walk backup was all uphill and was a good half a mile of uphill. It was also pretty hot out, and Jet got to ride the stroller and fell asleep pretty soon after we started. Since he'd gotten up late, he was in good shape for the walk down to the restaurant. But the later nap was a good one. When we got him back to the house, we just parked him in the shade of the grape trellis. I sat out there with him in the cool breezes and I read my book while he slept.

That was good for all of us. Everyone in the house did a bunch of things while they could, and I enjoyed the peace and quiet with Jet.

About two hours after he went down, he stirred a little, and then sat bolt upright, just looking around at everything. He noticed a bird, some flowers, and the sounds of dogs barking, people working on their house, and trucks and cars driving by. That was fun to share with him.

Wen he got up everyone got ready to go swimming at the Somerset pool. Isabel had a standing invitation there from one of the residents that was a member. It was really sunny out, so we slathered Jet up with sunscreen before we left, and I did a good job on my arms and face, but was somewhat haphazard on the shoulders.

We walked up the very steep hill to the pool. Jet insisted that I carry him, so I put him on my shoulders and took him up that way. It was hard climbing, and I was ready to go swimming by the time we got up there. The pool was actually quite warm, and Jet loved it. There were noodles everywhere, and he got quite expert at getting up on the edge of the pool and them jumping onto a noodle. He also repeated the climb the ladder, and jump in and swim back to the ladder trick that he'd done with John.

Jet had a great time as did everyone else. The sunlight, though, was really intense, reflected by the water as well, and I had to squint a lot to see anything. George, who hadn't put on much sunscreen decided, early on that he was going to get out and stay out with his long-sleeved shirt on, and I can't fault him for it. It seemed pretty wise when I got back to the house with well-tanned shoulders. I think the only thing that saved me from a burn was the vestige of a tan from the cruise.

Jet did just fine. We'd slathered him pretty completely, and when he got his shower, afterwards, we were able to wash it all off him. He was a happy boy.

Then we packed up the last of the fruit salad, all of Jet's stuff, and Jet and we went to the Baldwin's for dinner. Jeffrey (5) and Becky (3) were quite happy to play with him and show him all their toys. Jet happily went through their play area and dug up toys the kids had even forgotten about. He really loved doing that, and refused to eat anything for dinner. Jeffery kept asking us why Jet wasn't eating. That was pretty bemusing.

But Jet played and played and played with the toys inside and then all the toys outside, and had a great time chasing Jeffery around outside. Jeffery also tried to do a puppet show, but Jet insisted on climbing in the box with him, and they had a good time with all the toys in the box. Jeffery was a little wary of sharing at first, but gradually got very good about it.

When Becky and Jeffery went to bed, Jet finally deigned to hear an offer of food. Candy offered him ice cream, and he cheerfully sat down and ate a whole bowl of raspberry delight, light ice cream. He then asked for more, "Please?" He polished off the second bowl as well, and was pretty content when we got back into the van for the ride home. HE fell asleep soon after, and stayed asleep for getting changed into his PJs.

So it was a very good, busy day for Jet. Yay! It was nice, for us, to get to sit and talk with the Baldwins and catch up on what they've been up to and how they're doing. Yay

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