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June 15, 2000
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Much Good News

I still can't quite believe it.


Wednesday was Walk and Roll. I think that last year's ride set up some expectations for my riding this year. Like the fact that I also did the whole trip a few weeks later, all the way from home to work. So I knew that I could do it, even in the shape I'd been in last year, and this year I'd been doing exercise biking all through the winter.

So I was a little anxious about it, had been even before the trip to Pittsburgh, and today was the day.

An additional bit of worry appeared when my period didn't appear when I was in Pittsburgh. John and I had joked a bit, with the doctor at Conceptions about the possibility of my actually being pregnant before the hormone set; but I hadn't really thought it'd be true. But it was. I took the home pregnancy test and it, pretty unequivacably, was positive. Eventhough we'd *gotten* all the homone treatments and the fertile day predictors, we weren't going to be able to us any of them. Maybe that's the voodoo it took. And, yes, we are insane. John took a picture of the pregnancy test results, and called it the very first baby picture. Oh, God.

So I was in a mild daze when I rode the sixteen miles into work.

It also turns out that on the trip that John did with Fezzik to the Vets on the Friday I was in Pittsburgh that the vet diagnosed Fezzik to be in full and complete remission. There didn't seem to be any cancer left in the glands that the doctor could feel. THAT was very, very cool indeed in addition to the other news and reality.

Uff. The ride hurt a little, too. I am not used to it and the ride home was even a bit more painful, but when I just took it slow and patient, I did okay. The road bike has some pretty astonishing granny gears that just makes everything easier. It's also really, really good in the high gear range as well, making the flats just fly past. Loren rode with us both ways, and work was cool and provided lunch for everyone as most folk that rode in didn't bring lunch, either.

The really cool thing is that 145 out of 174 people at Xilinx took an alternative form of transport, walking, biking, or rollerblading in. That was really, really keen. And good enough to win our catagory for companies. Usually Schwin and Pearl Izumi, both bicycle manufacturers in the area, with about the same size as us, beat us solid, but, for some reason, this year neither of them were even mentioned in the standings. That was interesting.

Loren offered us a spaghetti dinner on the way home, and we accepted, but only after we got to go home and take a shower. It was just so nice to have dinner made for us, that I wasn't too worried about the quality of things. Nice to just get complex carbos in and not worry about it. Very nice. Sleep was painful, and mildly restless.

Took the blood test this morning and this afternoon the nurse called to congratulate me, tell me a mess of numbers and then tell me that I should see the doctor again and get more scoop on the numbers and what they mean. So John and I will probably toddle into the office some morning, tomorrow maybe and figure out what's going on. IN the meantime, it's kinda wierd.

Took most of the evening to call as many relatives as we could find. John's brothers seemed scattered to the four winds, but we managed to get my parents, his parents, my sister Kathy and John's sister-in-law Cathie. Mom and Dad were really happy. Kathy was bouncy fun. Cathie was incredulous at first but then told us that Walter was stuck somewhere between LA and Albuquerque by delayed flights and that we should call his cel phone. John muttered something about, "Well, now all the women now know." It was pretty happy news all around. Eventually we tracked down his brother David on his way home from a class, late at night. We then found Walt standing in front of a big hotel board at DIA looking and not finding any hotel rooms, and John started by saying, "We hear you need a place to stay tonight..." Turns out a bunch of flights were delayed one way or another, and United had run out of vouchers and all the hotels near the airport were filled to capacity. So he rented a rental car and came to our house to stay the night!

That was a very nice little visit. John got good time with Walt and the two of them talked deep into the night. I, on the other hand, after being mildly sleep deprived for most of the week, went to bed at midnight, after we'd told him the news. I slept like a log.

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