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March 5, 2002
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Pizza Pye For The Wicked

10:35 pm: Jet had a great morning at Joan's, though he was a bit more quiet than usual. It exhausted him for most of the rest of the day, though. He's still a little sick, the diarrhea is still happening and puzzling him mildly. He slept great last night, only getting up at 4, waking up at 5:30, but putting himself back to sleep after squawking a little.

He slept a lot during the day, to the point where I neatly made up all the hours for yesterday. I should probably have taken a nap, but there was a lot to do and John was sleeping, too. He actually went to nap at 1 saying, "Well, I'll *try* to sleep. I don't know if I'll be able to." He slept from 1-5:30 and woke up wondering why Wednesday morning was getting *darker*.

He felt good enough to take me out to dinner at D'Angelos in Firestone, which is across the freeway. We had been thinking of going there for a while, but the Goodells hadn't been all that interested. So we went today, and the sign said D'Angelos' Muggs and Pye. It was a pizza joint with only cheap beer. Both John and I only got the root beer, and bought a pye that was half their house sausage and mushrooms and the other half had ham and pineapple. The sausage had *bite*, and it was really, really good. The ham side was good and mild.

Jet had a pretty good time, this after two hours of sleep immediately after Joan dropped him off and then another two later in the afternoon. So he actually enjoyed the first half of the meal. He got more tired and antsy for the last part of it, and when we got home he was cranky from being so tired. He still isn't eating solids, which is probably a good things as his gut still isn't that happy with him.

He'd actually thrown up, once, right after he ate after he woke up after being at Joan's. So I was trying to limit his feedings but give them to him more often. Of course he didn't know that plan and when I tried to take him off the first nipple after five minutes he really didn't want to let go, and he closed his teeth down *hard* to hang on when I tried to get him to come off.

Oh, mother, that *hurt*. I had to laugh afterwards, though, because of the sheer determination on his face when he clamped down and the surprise when I just yelled. I pried him off with a finger, and he was so mad at me. But he latched onto the other side, and after a ten minute hiatus after to make sure he wasn't going to throw up again, I let him on again, and he was much more relaxed.

Poor kid. He won't/can't eat anything else and I'm trying to take it away from him.

No sleep for the wicked. I like the new commercial out that has this guy with a baby in a front pack and another kid going, "Sleep in after 7? What's that?"

It astonishes me that I must have been one of those early waking babies, once upon a time. I'm such a night owl now. How on earth did a creature that habitually gets up so early turn into something that habitually gets up so late and wants to just sleep in and in and in? Maybe I've just learned a desire to simply continue what it is that I'm doing. No matter the time or the activity, be it writing or sleeping, thinking or doing. I've now got the habit of doing anything for a While, whereas Jet's life and perceptions still make a couple of minutes a While that's long enough for him.

I mean, he falls asleep, deeply, within a couple counts of 100. That's, maybe, three minutes. I take probably five to ten times as long to fall asleep. When he's interested in something, it's for a period of minutes. His mood switches happen so quickly. Kathy noticed that his time bites are just so much smaller, his moods more quicksilver, and he just changes so much more quickly than adults usually do.

Maybe that's it. *grin* Hey, with him sleeping in until 7:30 as a baby, maybe he *will* become a night owl when he's grown..

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