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March 6, 2002
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Too Busy Day

11:05 am: I really like this. I have a huge mug where I plopped a teabag of peppermint tea, a teabag of green tea with a huge spoon full of honey. Moroccan mint tea cheap and fast. It's really nice at work and something that just really tastes good at the moment, with all the doom for my digestive system hanging over my head.

Jet was unhappy this morning, and John was looking tired and a bit drawn, and I was half wondering if we just shouldn't go to work. John convinced me we should try, and as soon as we got to Joan's, Jet was happy and chirpy and cheerful and immediately crawled around and played with stuff and laughed. So I felt better about leaving him there, and we went to Boulder.

On the way in we stopped at the Volkswagen dealer and paid for the Passat. They'd replaced the whole door handle and lock mechanism, and they'd found evidence that someone had messed with the lock sometime in the past, which was what had broken the mechanism. It was kind of expensive, but the door and handle now work without a flaw. I'm really happy. They also did the maintenance *and* washed the car! Woohoo!

It was really nice to have a clean car, if only for a while.

The meetings this morning have been useful, and I got good communication with Bill through the 1:1 and he now has my review self-evaluation. That's a hard thing to write, but it's good to know that I have at least the first say.

We've planned that I'm going to Safeway on the way home and John will just go straight home. We don't really both need to shop, and we got me my car just in case something happens at Joan's to Jet, and I have to get home fast. I have the celphone, so I get to answer it if something happens. So I get both that responsibility and the fun of getting to wander around the grocery store myself.

9:13 pm: John is doing worse, I think. He worked all day and tired himself out, and the pizza yesterday seems to be catching up with him today. Oof. But he told me to go swim when it was time to decide, so I went with Joan to the Firestone rec center.

When we got there, the lady at the front desk said that there were two troops of boy scouts, a bunch of kids from the classes that were just letting out, and various other people all in the pool. The instructor of our class had said to let us in free because there was no way she could instruct us over all that noise, the pool was so crowded she couldn't see us doing the class anyway, and they needed a second lifeguard and she was doing that duty.

Joan and I looked at each other, and since we were there we both said, "Sure, we'll take the free time." Both of us were pretty tired. I was tired from taking care of Jet and John, she was tired from a three mile ride with her son Alex, and doing land aerobics during the day. But we were both there because the other one was there, and we were both going to do *something* by gum.

So, dodging kids, moms, boy scouts, troop leaders, and water polo balls, we made our way around the pool, remembering whatever exercises we could. Occasionally, we'd swim over to the instructor and ask her for some more moves and she'd tell us some more to do. Eventually she pointed out a new bag of swim gloves, which looked like the hands of that aquatic guy Patrick Duffy used to play. They were black neoprene and worked a *lot* better than the normal hand paddles we had to clutch for some of the arm/hand exercises. So we used those very happily, feeling like Aquagirl cutting through the water.

That was cool.

Joan and I did stuff for half an hour, pulled ourselves out, pronounced that we both really 'felt' the exercise, and were done. We showered a bit, and went home. Whew.

I really like having Joan as a friend. I so rarely have local, physical friends that I can do things with, without John, that this feels pretty unique and interesting. It's kind of cool to have someone to talk with, and it helps that she really loves and admires Jet so much as well and pretty much shares all his ups and downs.

When I got home John was trashed. He was really hurting. Jet was exhausted and grumpy, but I can't fault it, as he slept so well last night I feel pretty okay with the night's sleep, which is something new. He wasn't really up all that much with this flu, thank goodness, and now that he's starting to recover, he's up even less. Just once, and he went back to sleep nicely.

So I took over and let John go to sleep while I took care of Jet and then took a little time for myself, by myself. With John at home yesterday and today, I haven't gotten much time to myself yet, and it felt good to just be by myself.

I'd also bought a bag of those tiny marshmallows at Safeway today, along with some simpler baby food, disposable diapers, and various other things that needed buying. I laid out a graham cracker, sprinkled Ghiradelli chocolate chips over it and then spread marshmallows on them and popped the whole shebang into the toaster oven, under the broiler until the little marshmallows were puffed and golden on top. I pulled it out and ate it.

It was so good. The marshmallows had a crisp, golden crust on top, were gooey and melted underneath and the chocolate chips had melted as well into creamy goodness. All of that on the graham cracker crunch. Yes, it's a suburban s'more. *grin* I really, really enjoyed it with a cup of cocoa and *then* went to bed. Yum

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