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March 22, 2002
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Donuts, Groceries, and Pizza

7:55 pm: Today was our 'day off' after John worked until midnight last night, and I'd been pushing for most of the week, we had originally thought about taking today easier than usual. It turned out, however, that it wasn't quite so easy.

I got up at 7, with John and Jet, and went with them to get donuts in Dacono. They'd done it a week or two ago, and I wanted to go with them. So I fed Jet and then we went.

It's a tiny little shop with only a few shelves of donuts. There was a cluster of half a dozen folks that were eating donuts, drinking coffee, and smoking and talking. There was a lady behind the counter who was mildly dubious when I asked for 'something with blueberries' and she quietly got each of the donuts that John and I asked for. After we'd paid for them, she lit up at Jet, who was sitting on the counter, watching everything she did, and asked us, "May I give him some donut holes?"

John grinned and said, "He loved them last time, sure!" She smiled for the first time since we'd walked in the front door, and toddled in back to pick over a tray of donut holes and she put a handful in a small bag just for Jet. She presented the bag to us, and John opened the little bag to let Jet reach in. Jet was a little tentative at first, but he did reach in and pulled out a donut hole, which he proceeded to try and stuff, whole, into his mouth.

She got a big smile from Jet. She smiled just as happily back. She then explained that she just had a four month old and a four and a half month old grand kids along with a three-year-old and a five-year-old grand daughters. So he was really happy to make Jet happy.

Jet cheerfully ate donuts all the way back and during his and our breakfast. Eventually, he started ripping apart the donut hole he had and started flinging the pieces off the side of his chair. We figured he was done, then, and took the remains away.

He went to Joan's cheerfully, and when I went to get him, he didn't run to me. He just kept playing and when I put him in his chair, he didn't object at all. When he was strapped in and ready to go, I picked him up and Joan picked Haley up and I said, "Bye-bye." Haley grinned at me and said, "Bye-bye," back and waved at me happily. Jet waved his feet and both arms at Haley and went, "Buh-buh-bububububoo." He kept up with the B sounds to the car, but it was pretty clear that he was saying bye bye back to her. I was impressed.

He went to sleep after nursing, and slept for two hours, so both John and I got lunch and a lot of work done. Then Jet was really happy when he got up from his good, long nap. Since he was in such a good mood, he played with us and around us while we worked. That worked out really well. John fed him solids immediately after Jet woke up, and I nursed him two hours later.

When we were done with that we all went to Safeway and loaded up. We'd been accumulating items that we needed all week, and we got $120 worth of stuff for $95, what with coupons and the in-house specials. We also got a pizza from Papa Murphy's and had that for dinner. John fed Jet food while I unloaded the car and baked the pizza and when the pizza was done, we ate.

John gave Jet some of the pizza crust, and he nibbled that listlessly. I thought a bit and pulled a few slices of olive off my pizza and offered one to Jet. He picked it up, tasted it, and then ate it slowly. Then he started making urgent uh uh uh! sounds and pointing at something on John's plate. John gave him some more crust, which he ignored completely, and I said, "I think he wants some olive." Sure enough, when John offered Jet a slice of olive, Jet grabbed it and stuffed it in his mouth.

I think Jet went through at least two, maybe three olives' worth of slices. So he got John's olive gene. He snarffed them down happily. Afterwards he got whole cow's milk in his bottle, warmed a little. He drank that down after he found that I wasn't going to nurse him.

Jet spent a lot of time with John this evening upstairs. They were playing and running around, and I could hear Jet's laughter and screams of hyperactivity as his little feet went bang bang bang along the floors upstairs. I think they were wrestling, running, and John was actually chasing Jet around. Ah, yes, John just said that Jet would walk halfway down the hallway, look back and smile at John and then just start running. Hee.

Joan said that Haley had coaxed Jet up the stairs in their house, and she can walk down stairs, now. Jet toddled after her, but Joan went up and said, "No, you have to sit down." He just looked at her, so she sat him down and then she coaxed each of his legs down, and he went down backwards. John coaxed Jet to go down, just now, and right at the edge Jet looked down and when John patted the floor Jet sat himself down, turned around and started putting one leg down to feel for the step.

Jet made it all the way down under his own power. Now he's just walking everywhere, wandering around and around the livingroom, stealing bits of low-fat Oreo from John and running away with them.

I'm watching The Matrix. I love it still. I always forget, until I see it again, that it's Trinity telling Neo she loves him that brings him back. That the oracle was right in every detail, and that she asks more questions than she answers.

Questions are so important. To ask instead of tell... that seems the path to wisdom

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