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March 23, 2002
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Home Depot, Gardening and Pad Thai

9:32 pm: A very full day, today. Jet got up three times last night, and neither John nor I have full recovered from the last week of Jet getting up a lot. I tried to sleep in, but after 8, I was up and about and making breakfast from the leftover corned beef from earlier in the week. I just used the little food processor and had it chop up onions, some of the corned beef, and a lot of leftover, cooked potatoes from the last couple of weeks.

I added enough water to make the mixture tacky and then fried it up as corned beef hash. I think it could have used a few more onions, but it was good, especially with a couple of over medium eggs draped on top. John had his scrambled, and Jet got a couple handfuls of hash as well.

After breakfast Jet napped while I planted herb seeds for a window box I bought for a few dollars, and John figured out some tax stuff and did things that needed doing around the house. After Jet woke up and had his second breakfast, we went out to Home Depot and spent some time there finding toilet parts. I also spent four dollars on a rubber mallet, which I used to make John and I pork tenderloin sandwiches when we got home. It flattened things really nicely, and didn't make lots of little holes in the loin chops I used instead of tenderloin.

After lunch, Jet went to sleep again, and I napped with him. He woke up only an hour and a half later. I think John had been working on the steps for his garage at this time, and he came into the room to get something and woke both Jet and I up. Jet stayed awake, though, and John had to come and get him. The two of them went off for a bike ride.

John had gotten a very nice bike trailer a while ago, and Jet had hated the helmet enough that we hadn't taken him out in it. This time, though, Jet took to the helmet just fine. I woke up just in time to see Jet strapped in the trailer, with a bottle of formula, a container of crackers, and his helmet set solidly on his head. He was also looking a little bemused by all the differences in how he was seeing the world, or something. He was just really, really quiet as John got on his bike and they rode away to the Erie Post Office, to send in some letters.

John was getting his bike ride in against a really stiff wind and there were thunderstorm clouds looming to the east. I got some MiracleGro evergreen tree stakes and went out and tried to put them into the concrete-like ground around our pine trees. It was so hard that I split a couple of the stakes. I finally went and got the hose and watered the ground around the trees I could reach and when I was done watering them, I tried putting the stakes in again. It was easier, but I still had a really tough time trying to get them that extra two inches into the ground after they were flush. I completely destroyed the plastic caps that are supposed to hold the stick together until it gets into the ground.

In Seattle, I could probably have put the sticks in by hand. there's so much loam in the top soil. Here there's no top soil, just concrete like clay.

Three of the small trees have died in this dry winter. I'm kind of sad, but I don't think we could have watered them any more than we did, just not enough energy or time. We'll have to either replace them, or wait until we put a real watering system in or something.

John and Jet came back just before I was finished, and I saw Jet's helmet tilted all the way to one side. He was pretty obviously asleep. John said that he'd fallen asleep on the way to the Post Office, and had stayed asleep while they were there. He'd slept all the way back, too, it seems, and woke up when John took him out of the windproof trailer. Yay!

John got his nap in before dinner, and I had fun wrestling with Jet, playing with him, feeding him, and laying with him some more. When John got up, I prepped everything for two sets of pad thai, from the packages Carl had sent Jet. I then took a deep breath and started stir frying. Jet, of course, who had been playing nicely with John for most of this time decided that he had to have his Mom, NOW.

He really does love watching me cook, but this was really hot, oil splatter work. And I didn't want him there. So poor John had to deal with a really tired, frustrated little boy. I did two batches of pad thai, one plain and mild, the second with jalapenos and red chile flakes, lots of them. My one mistake was soaking both packages of noodles together. When it came time to put the noodles into the first batch, I came up with way too many of the noodles and had no real time to separate them.

So the first batch came out really bland, as the sauce mix had to stretch across too many noodles. The second came across a bit intense, but I actually added some of the first batch to the second to even it out a little. John really liked the heat of it as well as the flavor. The shrimp I bought yesterday turned out really good. They'd also been deveined, which made cleaning them and shelling them really, really easy. I was glad of that. They were also frozen early enough that once cooked they were crisp and sweet.


We then took Jet upstairs for his bath and while the tub was filling he was trying to get into the tub himself. He was trying to lift his leg up high enough to get in, but not managing it. I was very impressed at how happy he was and how much he wanted a bath. We may need to do this more than once a week, and he enjoyed playing in the water so much that both John and I were reminded that we should probably take him swimming sometime next week.

The Stewarts called and invited us for breakfast tomorrow, they're our 'sponsers' at First Congregational tomorrow, and we both think they work in the nursery, so they know Jet pretty well, but don't know us. This reminds me, so much, of Fezzik, who got to know everyone and occasionally we'd get to learn more about some of the people that were drawn to him. So we'll get up early tomorrow and have breakfast before going to church and joining up with this new, interesting congregation

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