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March 2, 2003
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My Parents Arrive

8:21 pm: A very quiet day. John and Jet went to church after breakfast. I stayed home and posted all of February. I needed to get it up to get ready for next weekend. I'll have plenty to catch up on after I get home from the cruise.

I spent pretty much the whole morning and early afternoon doing that. Jet slept for nearly three hours after getting home. He'd run like crazy with the other boys at church, so he was dead tired.

So John and I got time to just do stuff.

I also managed to fill the bird feeder and get some things cleaned up. We need to clear things out so that they're not in the way of my parents when they're here. It'll help that the cleaners are coming on Wednesday morning. That's likely when Jet'll go to the Mall for the morning, and we'll be working.

I made crab cakes at 4, played with Jet until 6, fried them up and John made salad. So we had a simple dinner.


Now I'm just watching the pizza specials on Food TV, and John's giving Jet a bath. He needed one pretty badly. I am amazed by what people do with pizza.

Jet actually slept all night last night. Not a peep. I guess he was making up for the night before. It surprised the heck out of me, but was very welcome. Both of us did quite well.

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