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March 4, 2003
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Quiet Day

8:48 pm: My parents are safely here, though it took some interesting logistics to have it happen while Jet was having his swimming lesson. It helped that I bowed, yesterday, out of my 3 pm meeting. What didn't help was a meeting that I thought was at 1 turning out to be at 2.


I also managed, after a morning that was completely solid with meetings, to get into Boulder and pick up my new glasses. Yay! Glasses! It's amazing how clear the world is, but I seem to have to work at it a lot to get them to really see. My old glasses don't seem to have that affect at all, but both lenses are probably a whole diopter less powerful. Not a terrible thing, but it's something that I'm not all that sure that I like. It may just be that for far distance stuff that the new lenses will be great, especially while driving at night.

We'll see. I also dropped by the Asian market and bought two packages of frozen ramen. Stuff that I really wanted, but they were completely out of the shoyu option. They were going to get more on Friday, but we'll be gone by then, so I bought the tonkatsu, or pork based soup and noodles, and we'll see if Jet'll eat those, sometime.

But Mom's really made a huge effort to get things Jet might eat. Lots of 'new' stuff they want to try on him. It'll be cool to see if there are any things that he'll eat.

I got caught by a train and thought I'd be late for my 1'o'clock, so I called John to pick up the phone, but they never called. That's when I looked at the calendar. I had even signed up to run the meeting. Oops. I was pretty sure it was going to be a very short meeting, and Mom and Dad's plane was late. So I might have made it, but getting to Jet's swimming lesson would have been impossible, afterwards.

So John and I decided to split up, and since it had been snowing all day and was still snowing, he went out to DIA to get Mom and Dad while I had my meeting, fed Jet, and then took him to swimming. We got there ten minutes early, and played in the lobby until the instructor came out to get Jet, and for about five minutes he had a private lesson. After that another girl showed up and they had a blast together.

Alex and Haley had gone to get *their* Grandmother Bev. Her plane was also an hour late, so they decided to go get her instead of going to swimming.

Jet had a blast. Then, the last five minutes, John, Mom and Dad showed up and grinned a lot at Jet. Jet started showing off, and nearly climbed into the pool on his own, without the instructor to catch him. He'd been misbehaving all lesson, splashing everyone, kicking, and doing stuff when he shouldn't. But the instructor was remarkably patient with him. So that was good.

When we were done, Mom and I changed him in the lockeroom, and John took off and ordered pizza before going to Safeway. One really cool thing was that when my Dad held out his arms, Jet actually went into them and was quite content to be held by Dad. That was very keen. We met up with John at Safeway and ran around buying stuff. Jet was so tired from his lesson that he was lying back in the seat in the cart. He flopped back and forth and back and forth and then he whacked his nose on one of the really hard bars at the front of the cart. Oops.

So Jet got his first bloody nose. I followed Paul's advice and pinched it hard just below the bone. I used a Kleenex to catch as much blood as possible, and when it finally dried we used a wet wipe to clean everything up. I was mildly surprised that he cried and cried until I came over to pinch his nose, as I would not have thought that being pinched would have quieted him. Maybe it was just that it was me.

Likely when I think about it.

Anyway, we got that all fixed. We then got home while John picked up the pizzas. I had Dad drive so that he could get familiar with the vehicle before he was in a snow storm or something else. He had a good time with it. I'm glad it's so easy to drive.

Jet ate potato strips and M&M's after swimming. As usual, he was pretty hungry after swimming. He asked for the M&M's on the way through the checkout line. But he didn't really eat all that many of them.

He completely refused pizza. Point blank, though, that might have been because Mom and Dad gave him a present to get him out of their room and upstairs. He got the present, unwrapped it and found an electric choo-choo!! He loved it! He loved it so much, he sat in his place at the table and watched it with fascination as it went around and around and around. Wow.

He really loved it, and wouldn't do anything other than play with it, which included shoving pizza as far away as possible. Eventually he wanted down, and he got down after standing up in his chair and dancing around. He ran away and started playing with all the other bits of his train set.

We got a smoothie into him, but Mom wasn't satisfied, and she tried Cheerios, nearly opening a new box before I stopped her to tell her that we had an old one. She tried cookies, which Jet just pushed away. She tried an orange, which he used to scrub the floor. He was full, but I don't think she wanted to realize that. Ah well. She wanted him to have some 'solid' food, for some reason, for her, the smoothie didn't count as food.

I just let her try. Jet was very solid about refusing everything he didn't want to eat. While we're gone, I'm sure he'll be just as adamant, if not more so. I'm mildly worried that Mom's going to irritate him into throwing stuff everywhere or something, but that'll probably be a learning experience on both sides.

In the meantime, I think it's all relatively harmless, and it'll just give Jet more opportunities. I'm sure that Jet'll be safer than even with us. Mom and Dad are good about being pretty cautious about what they get into and what they'll let Jet get into.

Plus they all played with Jet great after dinner. They had fun with the electric choo-choo and Dad was great about being nonchalant about slipping Jet a few Cheerios. He even ate a few when Jet wanted him to. They obviously love him a lot, and care about him a great deal. They're also, very much, the parents of girls, and Jet's energy and enthusiasm and roughhousing took them by surprise a little. But I am sure that they'll do fine.

For some reason Jet decided he wanted me to read his bedtime stories to him. I suddenly realized that he hadn't had his usual bath after swimming, and I thought his skin might be bothering him. Problem was that he had absolutely no desire for a bath. None.

So I got him and read to him, and while I did, John and Dad talked about all kinds of map things. Mom wandered in and asked me to get stuff for her, instead of asking John. Jet was getting another book, so I went and got stuff for her. Then Dad came up and banged around getting glasses for water, but I'm glad that he didn't ask me to get them. So Jet didn't get to sleep until well past 10.

I'm tired.

Ah well, it's usually this way the first couple of days. Just getting used to having other people in the house again. Jet'll have to get a bath tomorrow, as I don't want the chlorine to eat his skin, and his butt already has some diaper rash starts, I think from soaking in the stuff. We rinsed him off, but I think he really needs a bath.

Well. He's asleep. I should be, too

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