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March 5, 2003
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Sandwiches, Dry Cleaning, and Moving Things

Today was great. Mom and Dad took Jet to Twin Peaks Mall to meet up with Haley, Bev, Joan, and the other folks, and they all had a blast. Mom and Dad were impressed at how many kids were there that were Jet's age. They had snacks there, got back and Jet slept until the cleaners woke him up with a really loud radio. Then Mom and Dad fed him lunch and then we got home. *grin*

I had a pretty good morning, all in all. We went to the local espresso joint and then got to work in plenty of time for me to get a lot done before my first meeting. I was very glad of that.

We had lunch at a tiny deli we'd seen tucked away on one of the back roads through Longmont. No one else had heard of it. They asked us how we found it and we just said that we'd seen it when driving by. I guess it's one of the side affects of John always going some new way to the places he wants to go. The Road Less Traveled, I guess.

It was a little, tropical theme Deli with hot and cold sandwiches. I had been craving a turkey club since I'd heard the word "Deli" in the morning, so I bought the nearest equivalent, which had turkey and bacon, which were the important things. It also, however, had cucumber, avocado, the usual lettuce and tomato, and the very unusual wasabi based dressing. Oo. It was very light, very tasty, and quite satisfying. I couldn't eat the whole thing.

John, Bob, and Chad all got the "Longboard", a steak sandwich that looked exactly like a classical cheesesteak. John let me have a bite, and I fell instantly in love. Yum!! But it was heavier than my sandwich and John regretted that mildly. Both of us have been watching what we eat before the cruise, as we're both imagining that we'll probably indulge in the 24 hour buffet type thing. It's supposed to be really good food and a lot of it. Which is a mild oxymoron for me, as I'm used to think of really fine dining as being very moderate in quantity. We'll see how it works out, and I wouldn't mind eating caviar again.

It was fun to talk with everyone. Bob was reminded that my parents were here, so he and Mei will probably talk with them about going out to dinner sometime and having some good Chinese food somewhere. I thought that was pretty good.

From there we headed to the dry cleaners, where I picked up my handpainted Hawaiian dress and my blue silk blouse. Again, there were two stains that just wouldn't come out of the latter, and they said that it would do bad things to the dye or the fabric if they tried any more. So I just took it as it was. The dress looked wonderful. So I think it did just fine there, and all the spatter from the company party nearly three years ago didn't stick around. I'm glad of that. It's a wonderful, light dress, and even just looking at it I was shivering.

Today it's in the 40's and sunny, but a super light cotton dress is just NOT the thing one would think of wearing at this time and in this place. The Caribbean, however, is a different story, with highs in the 90's and lows in the 60's, I'm sure I'll do just fine. But, right now, it's hard to imagine.

After picking up the dress, I waited outside, in the sunshine, while John went and got the Passat washed off. When we went to get into the car this morning, the sides of the car were caked with nearly two inches of dirt and frozen ice from his drive to the airport. The stuff had just caked on and froze solid, and with the overnight temps in the teens, the stuff never got a chance to melt. So John took it to the car wash and let the hot blast of water take care of everything. It looked like a completely new car when he came back with it. Yay!

One thing we learned during the drought is that all the local car washes recycle their own water. So none of the water used for washing the cars gets thrown away or wasted like the water does when we wash our cars by hand. In the interests of conserving water, therefore, we've started using the no-touch car washes that just use high pressure water to clean all the crud off the cars. It does a good enough job, and when we really want a solid wax job, afterwards, we just take it to the self-service bays, wash it ourselves, let the water go back to their holding tanks, and then wax it right there. We'll have to put Jet in a swim suit this summer and do a thorough job of it then. For now, though, just getting all the dirt, sand, chemical deicers, and other shit off the car was enough.

From there we hit our local bank, got travelers checks and a little bit of cash for the first day in Puerto Rico and for the flight over. Meals, taxi's, parking, and tips should easily be covered with less cash than I usually carry in a week.

After all that we finally went home, and I got to nurse a wide-awake Jet, and then work for a while. When I came back down at 4, Jet wanted to nurse again, as he'd only had an hour-long nap the previous time, and this time he was tired again. So he went down for a nap pretty quickly. I didn't want him to sleep more than another two and a half hours, so by 5:30, we started waking him up.

It's very interesting realizing that Mom and Dad will do nearly anything to avoid making Jet cry. I was very impressed by that. And Jet, obviously, didn't want to wake up for quite some time and Dad put him under a blanket on the couch, which was pretty sure to make him stay asleep. Finally, I slung Jet up, and put the Wiggles on, and that was enough to get him to want to be awake. Since he'd had a full hour's second nap, he was actually doing pretty well.

At 6:30 Mom served Chinese spaghetti for dinner, and Jet actually came, sat down on my Dad's chair, and wanted to eat with us. But after he watched everyone put the sauce on their spaghetti, he refused to eat it. He spit out the cucumber, and finally John put just plain noodles on his sauced noodles, and Jet started to eat those instead. He really ate a lot of them, too. He just stuffed the ends into his mouth and started slurping them up. Yum!

Jet had a fun evening, lots of things to do. He played and played and watched some of his tapes, and at 8:15, he didn't want to take a bath because he wanted to finish a show. So he didn't really get started on it until 8:30. And that was only after I hauled him, kicking and screaming, up to the bathroom. Of course, the instant the water got turned on it was cool to be there, and he wanted to climb right in. So Mom and Dad got to take care of him.

John and I went into the basement, and hauled up the new, softer, thicker futon mattress. We took it up into the study as Dad said he didn't want to do stairs at night, so he was willing to sleep in the study. It was pretty floppy and heavy, but the two of us managed to get it up there, put a fitted sheet on it, and let Dad get his own pillows and blankets. I also brought him an extra blanket, and he was pretty happy.

Then John and I tackled packing. We put everything out onto the bed that was on my lists and in John's head. Then we started stuffing things into one rolling, hard suitcase and three rolling soft cases. The Zoots, blue velvet evening gown, my Hawaiian handpainted dress, and other things all went into the hard case to keep them safe. The rest of the everyday gear got stuffed into the soft cases, which worked really well. It's very weird to prepare for formal evenings out. It'll be interesting to see how it goes. Man, I even brought MAKEUP, heels, and stockings! Okay, plus swim suits, shorts and t's for the daytrips. It should be very interesting to see how it all works out.

So we're 98% packed by the time gung-gung (my Dad) got Jet to sit in his lap in the rocking chair, drink his milk, get his teeth brushed, and then get books read to him. Gung gung started out with a couple of the English books, and ended with a books in Mandarin that they'd given Jet. Jet loved the pictures, and he listened very carefully, and though he didn't understand much of it, he seemed mesmerized by the way gung gung was telling the story, so he fell asleep. Yay!

I really want Mom and Dad to read Chinese to him, it should get his brain working and knowing that this is another way to say and talk about things.

So Dad's very cool and volunteering to take care of Jet tonight. I think that with all the extra activities that Mom and Dad are doing with him that he'll sleep much better while we're away. This is very cool.

John and I made lists, checked them twice, had some herbal tea and thoughts, and I think we're as ready as we're going to be at the moment. Friday morning we have to leave by 6:30, so we'd best have everything ready to just go go go. Dad's even going to drive us to the airport, so we don't have to park a car. I'm very glad of that, and since he'll get to ride on the way there, he'll be able to mark landmarks and come back to get us in a week.

This is going to be quite the adventure.

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