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March 6, 2003
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Getting Work Done

Most of today was a great day. Mom and Dad and Jet had a great time, they went out to the mall, and Jet had no problems with sleeping on the way back. I worked like crazy.

It was good to just have the time without anyone in the house, and nothing to interrupt. I got to meet with the new project folks and we had a good time talking through stuff. I liked that.

I got stuff done. I answered questions, filled out things that needed to be finished, and I got to set up my vacation message. I wrapped up a lot of things that I wanted to wrap up before I left, ad got it all done before 4. Jet woke up from his nap about the same time I had lunch, so I got to nurse him and then we played for a while and watched some Wiggles. He really enjoyed that a great deal.

When John came home he asked if we had any plans for dinner, and we all said no. Since we were completely packed, already, we went out to eat. We ended up eating at the Hunan Garden in Lafayette. Mom ordered, and did wonderfully given then limited abilities of that kitchen. She got the house lo mien, shrimp and broccoli, a wonderful fish dish with black beans and crisp pieces, and the kung pow chicken, which wasn't too spicy so that Jet could eat it, too.

Jet started out great. He was eating the lo mien with chopsticks and then with a fork. He ate rice with a spoon, and even ate chicken pieces, bits of shrimp , and then he tried to eat a piece of char shao. Mom thought it was a pepper, so she pried it out of his mouth. He didn't seem to mid too badly, and just kept on eating for a while.

Eventually, though, he started throwing mien around and then the rice, and then whatever he could get his hands on. Oops. Mom was good, though and just took things away. She also suggested finding some toys for him, and we got some out of his diaper bag. That contented him for some time.

Mom did note, however, that we, i.e. Kathy and I never did things like throwing stuff off the table or sweeping everything that we could reach off in all directions. I was amused. She attributed it to his being a boy, and she could well be correct.

We then walked to the liquor store next door and looked for some good ginger ale. There was none there, but Jet didn't mid. He just started running in all directions. John thought it was really funny to watch me chase Jet. He was just going, full-speed, down random aisles, and I followed at full speed, too, trying to make sure that he didn't tip anything over that he shouldn't.

That was fun. We went around the place a good three or four times before Jet finally allowed himself to be herded towards the exit. I was glad. He was pretty tired from the long run, too.

We headed home. I sat next to Jet to keep him awake on the way home, and we had no problems. With all the food that Jet got into him he was very happy and very energetic. So he was singing, bouncing, talking, playing, and blew raspberries for nearly fifteen minutes straight. Wow. He blew them for so long that he ran out of spit to get his lips going again and he got rather frustrated by that.

Home again home again, and he was doing pretty well, though he was kind of tired from all the adventures we'd had al day. He lay on the couch to watch TV with us for a while, and played with stuff.

John got a call from Joan, where Kai had told her and Ray that we were crazy trying to get to the airport only an hour before an international flight. So John reset our start time to 6 am instead of 6:30. Then he didn't tell Dad about it when Dad came up from doing something. So I started getting pretty mad.

I was also sad about leaving tomorrow. I'm glad that I'm going on vacation, but I'm really sad about leaving Jet. I know that my parents will do just fine in keeping him safe and happy, as they've done well at that whenever we've been with them, and they've done well at that the last two days. Jet's been happy, laughing, and singing even when we're not around at all. So I am sure he'll be okay.

I am, however, still sad about leaving, and whenever I get sad, I get mad easily. There was also the fact that I really wanted some time with Jet and both Mom and Dad were being nice and trying their best to do everything relating to Jet to offload John and I. I, however, didn't really figure out that I NEEDED time with Jet until Jet had a mild meltdown a bit after his usual bedtime.

Mom and dad had managed to give him his milk and get him into his PJ's, but when Mom was brushing his teeth, he let her do it just for so long before refusing to let her brush anymore. She tried half a dozen times and then appealed to me. "You do it." I tried once and was pushed away, and I got kind of triggered by the whole trying to do something to him that he didn't want to do.

I got mad. I yelled at Mom. I then played with Jet and his trains for a little while. He was majorly tired. When Dad tried to pick him up, he started just crying. So I told Dad that I'd take care of Jet, just for tonight. So I nursed Jet to sleep for the first time in a long time, and he calmed down easily enough and went right to sleep. Whew.

It took me a while longer. Mom and dad had gone to sleep before Jet had, even, and that was good. Everyone was going to have an early morning John and I had herbal teas and then went to bed, and I blew off steam for a good hour before I finally figured out what was going on. But it was good to talk it all out and get it off my chest. I could only have six hours of sleep, anyway, and it was good to get it out and get to sleep.

I needed that badly

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