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March 18, 2003
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Buried in Snow

5:15 pm: The world is not just blanketed in white, it's getting buried in white. There's about six inches of snow on the ground already and it's still falling thick, heavy, and fast, and with night coming on, it's just getting thicker and flakier and it floats more on the air. It's pretty impressive.

The bird feeder that Dad left half full yesterday is nearly empty. I should go out into the storm and get it refilled so that they'll have stuff to eat through the night and tomorrow. I don't know if they'll all make it if I don't keep the feeder they're used to full. There's a flutter of little birds all around it all the time, today.

The snow is sopping wet, but good for the grass we planted yesterday.

I stayed home all day. I decided it was crazy to even think about driving in this morning, and I just stayed home, called in to all my meetings, and did stuff on the machine even with the flickering power. I'm glad that it hasn't been too bad, lately. Still, I save things more often than I usually do.

I am still sick. Working on the yard yesterday didn't really help me beat my cold, but it's mostly beaten anyway. Jet was great and slept all night!! So that helped my rest, immensely. I had weird dreams, though, about getting shot by a really rich guy and being told that I had to commit suicide and that they'd provide for my son by handing over a whole $10,000!! I went along with it the way I used to, for a while and then, before the sticking point, I managed to work up the outrage to say, "That's not even a year's salary!" as a prelude to just walking away from the whole thing, eventhough the guy had already cut my shoulder off to get his bullet back. I was scared about walking away, so scared that I woke up when I started to do it. At least I started to do it.

It's bad to know that I'm feeling like I'm being walked all over. I wonder if it's from the whole stupid war thing. I hate talking about politics, as I usually feel pretty powerless about changing things, so it could well be a reflection of that betrayal by an ultra-rich administration that doesn't give a crap about lives.

Anyway. I got a lot of work done today. Lots of email to read when I got back, several hundred of them from the week away. It feels like I'm a world away from white sand beaches and rolling ocean waves. And I guess I am.

I ate the last of the steamed roll that Mom had brought, and Jet ate half a dozen mini corn dogs after waking up and crying that he hurt! He went to sleep at 1, didn't wake up until 3:30, and he'd been so busy and played so hard at Joan's that he hadn't eaten anything, so I can only imagine that what hurt was being HUNGRY. He also ate a quarter cup of yogurt, a glass of watered down juice, and a section of my orange. It's like we have a completely different boy.

I was afraid that it was his throat that hurt him, but after eating he was cheerful as a jay and hopped about.

When we dropped him off at Joan's this morning, he was so happy he was jumping all over. He loved wrestling with John, with Alex, and with Haley. He was chirping and singing, and dancing all around. Happy boy. He's often the youngest sibling at the Goodell's and they all take great care of him. John asked if we could just leave him until 1, so that we could both make up some work time, and Joan was quite willing as they weren't going anywhere. John went and got him at 1, and he was fast asleep. Jet had just fallen asleep, didn't want to miss anything while he was there. So that was great.

Now they're down in the basement, and John's getting some exercise time in while Jet's playing, and we'll probably have green chile stew and fresh flour tortillas. Jet likes the tortillas and I can probably make him a burrito or simply spread some beans on them for him. The grain and bean combination should do him good.

10pm: Jet ate most of a bean burrito. It's the first time he's eaten beans, directly, in quite some time. He used to love refried beans when he was like 18 months old, but then, for some reason, he stopped liking them nearly as much as he liked rice. But tonight, he actually dug the beans out of the burrito and ate them, instead. Maybe it was the Play-doh-like texture, or something.

The snow is still falling, hard. It's going to be really interesting tomorrow.

I'm pretty tired, still. Still sick and kind of woozy. John went to sleep early, and I'm just sitting up with Jet. Jet had a two and a half hour nap, and was really active tonight. John looked pretty beat by 9:30, so I sent him off to bed. I'll make up for it in the morning.

The green chile stew was good. Especially with fresh tortillas. The frozen ones we didn't get out of the freezer soon enough, so we weren't really able to cook them at dinner time. John was calling his parents, too, so wasn't really able to help out until after Jet and I had already made the tortillas. It was fun having Jet help me with stuff, though mildly frustrating, too, in that he was more interested in spreading flour everywhere and throwing dough bits onto the floor. I will admit, though, that I didn't really work to hard at teaching him how to roll tortillas.

With all the snow we're pretty much unable to get out. Jet's swimming lesson was off this week, anyway, so we didn't actually miss a class. We'll probably be stuck in the house tomorrow, too. I'm getting mildly tired of TV, but I'm finding the time to write and knit. I've finished the sock I was working on while on vacation. Just the toes to graft together, now.

Found out that there's a lady that coordinating getting warm hats, socks, and slippers to military personnel. There's a link off the Lion Brand yarn site that explains it all in detail, and I'd be quite happy to just use some of my yarn stores for that. I have several cones of browns that I don't like using for myself that would be great for hats or slippers, I think. They came with the loom, and they should probably be used, somehow. Better for someone that needs the warmth and weight of wool, I think. Though having something that's machine washable is pretty cool.

I'm just sick and tired, I guess. Achy and grumpy and I might have extended myself too much yesterday. Not surprising. But so it is. I'll just have to take better care of myself tomorrow.

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