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March 24, 2003
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Sick Day

10:00 pm: A very odd day, today.

It started with my not going to sleep until late because of the socks. On top of that my head was filled with stuff that wouldn't let me alone, so I didn't get to sleep until nearly 1. Then I was up at 4 with Jet, who insisted on nursing. So I did, and then I lay down with him on his bed, and we slept until quarter 'til 6. When I woke up and decided I might as well sleep in my own bed. Of course, two minutes after I get into my bed, we hear Jet getting up. Bah.

He had gone to sleep before 9 and since he's eight hour boy, it was actually pretty good that he hadn't gotten up at 5 and stayed up. John was my hero and took care of Jet.

He'd been asleep since 9, had gotten up at 1 to take care of Jet, and was actually feeling okay. I was trashed. I slept until 7:30, got up long enough to talk with John, see them off to Joan's, and have a bit of breakfast. I went right back to sleep, then, but was woken up half an hour later by Joan calling me to tell me that she was going to bring Jet by at 11. Then half an hour later, the Carbon Valley Rec. Center called to say that Jet was in lessons on Tuesday, which we knew.

I gave up after that. I just went upstairs and did some personal email and stuff. I had given up on working today, just made it a sick day. I got Jet at 11, we nursed, he went to sleep, and I napped restlessly. When he got up, we got up, and I made cornbread for lunch. He ate some of that, refused the chile completely, and then hauled out a block of ramen.

John came home at this point, and went to sleep after asking me if it was okay. It was okay. Jet ate ramen and drank soup like crazy. He and I played and played and watched Monster's Inc. Jet really wanted to be wrapped up in the shawl, a lot. He loved it, kept tugging on it, rolling into it, and wouldn't let me wear it for any amount of time. That was pretty funny.

We danced. We sang. We had a blast. John woke up, and had a two hour meeting. So Jet and I ran around, we played with his homemade play dough for a while, and built stuff. Finally, at 5, John took over, and I went upstairs and I worked for a little bit. My heart wasn't in it, though.

John made dinner. Spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and salad. Jet refused everything but the croutons. He's getting back to being his old self. We finally got him to at least eat some leftover brown rice.

After all that, I made some bagels. We had some ice cream, and John went to bed before Jet did. I got Jet ready for bed, and while he was drinking his milk, he started nodding off. I said that he had to brush his teeth before he could go to sleep, and he manfully slid off my lap and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth! That surprised me, but he did the brushing himself, and with the mirror he made faces at the mirror as he hauled the brush around his mouth. Yay! He even spit. Zowie. I think John's been working on that part with him, lately.


Then he came back into my arms in the rocking chair, and he went to sleep as I watched the last of the news. I put him to sleep, got a mug of Sleepytime, and now I'm writing as I drink. I hope I do better tonight than tomorrow night. I did my homework and wrote stuff down that was in my brain. So that should take care of that.

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