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May 3, 2003
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Opening Night for Paradisio Azteca

8:08 pm: Way too long. Mina opened her new restaurant tonight, and it took two hours for the food to come after we'd ordered it. The old place used to take a while, but that was just waaaay too long, even with first night, opening night jitters and problems. It was just crazy.

Even people with reservations didn't fare any better, though nearly everyone that had to-go order seemed to get their stuff in good time. That rankled, along with the fact that some people actually got their food earlier than people that had been there before them.

Jet did wonderfully, though the whole thing. We really did know that there would probably be some problems, but it turned out to be far more than what we even expected. Jet was great, he ran around. He explored a little knick-knack store that was connected to the restaurant. he played with crayons, a beaded bell, a huge magnifying glass, and all kinds of things in the shop. There were thousands of small things in there and he didn't break a thing. The lady was great, too, in there, and she even talked with the restaurant folks after some folks ahead of us got their food first, and prompted some horror on the part of he waitresses, who were also pretty new with the job, but there were so many of them it actually wasn't a problem for them to keep up with people. It was entirely the kitchen.

Mina loves perfecting her dishes and what she serves people. But this was a bit too far.

Jet not only explored the shop, he ran around the block twice, with John following once and I followed once. He just had all this energy, so it was good to let him outside to run run and run some more. He would jump on the sidewalk, for yards at a time, then run some more, climb a wall and have me hold his hands while he jumped back down. He would run here, run there, and then run some more.

One cool thing was a small box of crayons that were shaped like instruments. He would take them and play them with us. He would suck on the mouthpiece of the tiny saxes, bang on the tiny bongoes, and tap the keys on the tiny xylophone. He'd nod his head to the beat of what he was doing and smile and roll his eyes. It was way too cute. *grin*

We'd had a very busy day, too.

In the morning, John had made perfect waffles. Whole wheat, from scratch, with three of the infinite eggs we'd bought before Easter. They were light on the inside, crunchy on the outside, and tasted wonderful. We all ate them right up.

Then John went out, maintenanced the drive on mower, and when he was sure it was working just fine, I took over. I got to mow the lawn! We'd bought it, four years ago, so that I could mow the lawn, but with the intervening droughts, pregnancy, and baby caring, I hadn't had a chance for all those years. So finally I got to mow the really thick lawn. It was so much fun. The vibration, the roar, the scent of dust and new-cut grass, and the speed compared to any push mower. It would cut huge swaths through everything. I loved that.

Jet and John spent some time on the porch with the awning out. I put my plants out to toughen them up a bit with the wind and the sunshine. By the time I was done with the lawn the rosemary had started wilting from the sun, so I took the herbs, the tomatoes, and the basil plants back in. No sunburn, yet. I'm glad of that.

John was a sweetie and hosed down the mower when I was done and then he took it to get our mail and the neighbor's mail. They're out for the week on vacation, so we're to get their mail as well. I guess they forgot to get the post office to stop it, like we did when we were gone to Seattle.

After that morning, we crammed the afternoon full, too. We went to see Jenny, Colin and Autumn to drop off Autumn's blanket and some baby food and a swing that Jet never really used. They'd asked for a simple swing because they'd bought one that was full of features and nearly flung the baby out when it was on it's easiest mode. So the one we have is really vanilla, and very weak, so it should be just fine. *grin*

We ended up sitting with them and talking for nearly two hours. Jet was asleep when we left the house, and he stayed asleep for a good hour and a half before asking for "Mama." I let him out, we nursed, very easily, on the couch, and then Jet was willing to play. That was fun.

From there we headed into Boulder, dropped mail off, and then hit the Pearl Street Mall. John went into the Birkie store while Jet and I headed to the Falafel King for a Falafel Sandwich, as it was past 3 by this point and I was headachy from lack of blood sugar. Besides I'd been craving falafel ever since there was a Best Of show that had this falafel guy somewhere in either the mid-West or the East Coast who came over from the Middle East, and decided to make his mother's great falafel recipe. He attracted people of all kinds from the region with his falafel, and started organizing nights where people would just come and eat and talk, and ended up with a wide variety of people, including Israelis and Arabs all in the same place. The sandwich they showed was wonderful, with the real, flat pita, not the silly, dry, pocket things.

Which, of course, was all the Falafel King in Boulder had. Ah well. It was good, hot falafel, tasty, marvelously textured, with a great, crusty crisp exterior. Yummy on top of a salad of really, truly fresh vegetables, and lots of tasty tahini sauce. It hit the spot beautifully. John ate a few bites. Jet didn't even bother.

We then took Jet to a small play park for little kids right there, at the corner across the street from the entrance to the Mall. It was very much Jet-sized, after the adult-sized play equipment at Eastgate. Jet loved it. He ran and climbed and slid like crazy. After an hour, we were finally able to drag him away with a single hard candy, and we headed off.

First to the recycling center to drop off all our 5 plastics. The Longmont center, for some reason, doesn't take them, so we have to go to Boulder to drop those off. Then we hit the Erie Safeway and stocked up. By this time Jet was tired boy, and cranky as heck as we hit the aisles. He ran a lot, played with everything, and ended up eating the chocolate drop off a cookie and spitting the cookie out. He did ride the penny horse a couple of times, and was terribly interested in a couple of kids asking to play a Claw game.

We then bundled him back into the car and headed home, where we played quietly for an hour and watched his Goofy tape until it was time to go to Mina's for her Grand Opening.

After the terribly wait the food was very good. So there is a good reason to go back. Still, it was a pretty hard wait. I'm glad that the food was just as good. I'm sad that it took so damned long for it to arrive. Jet did eat all his rice, so he was actually pretty content when we finally headed home. So that was a plus. We'll just have to go when it's not nearly that crowded or busy.

I guess it was just that she got the word out to everyone so everyone showed up.

Ah well.

I'm tired. I should go to sleep

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