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May 8, 2003
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Calling Poison Control

10:31 pm: Today was a hard day. I actually thought it was going to be easier because Joan said that she was taking Jet to the mall today instead of yesterday. So she was going to keep him until noon, and then drop him off at home afterwards. That would give me another hour of work time and he usually naps only after being at the mall.

In the midst of getting ready to work I found three of my tomato plants uprooted from their cells in the seeding tray. I replanted them, though one of them was a pretty big one. Jet must have done it sometime, and probably last night, as they were kind of limp.

Then Joan called at 10:30 to tell me that Jet was having cramps. He was saying, "Owie! Owie! Owie!" and held his stomach for a few minutes. After a drink of 7-Up he seemed to feel better, and let Joan press his tummy all around. He seemed fine, but she called to ask if she should just bring him home. Given that he seemed to be fine, that he didn't have any pain on getting pressed on, I felt that it was either a gut flu or something he'd eaten yesterday. Neither of which were deadly dangerous, and neither of which would be changed by him coming home. So I told Joan to go ahead and keep him and get Alex before bringing him back and not disrupt her day.

I suddenly made the connection that, maybe, he might have eaten one of the smaller tomato plants when he was pulling things up. Since they're related to toxic plants I called the poison hot line. They said that that amount might cause gastric unhappiness, but wasn't deadly or damaging in any way. It's only much larger volumes that would really bug him.

So I stopped worrying. Joan came a little before noon. It was raining, hard, with thunder and lightening, and Jet was fast asleep. He'd fallen asleep while they got Alex, and I put him in the bedroom and then talked with Joan for a while. She said that he'd had another cramp while they'd been walking down the mall. So she'd just stopped and they went to get Alex and then to drop Jet off.

I explained about the possible (though not confirmed as I *thought* all the plants were there. That three plants that had been pulled up that didn't look at all like they'd been nibbled on, but there was an empty cell that I thought was from a seed that never germinated, but I wasn't totally sure). I explained that it wasn't dangerous, but it could explain everything she'd seen.

Turns out that if Jet had eaten it it was something that would take between 3-24 hours to show up. Plus with the small amount it should only cause gastric distress. It was just as likely that Jet had come down with a 24 hour gut virus.

Jet slept for two hours, so I was completely done with work when Jet woke up. It was a good thing, too.

He was perfectly cheerful and played a lot, and every once in a while would stop, fart a lot and make nasty sounds. He had bad diarrhea. he drank a lot of water, watered down juice, and some pedialyte. I had John bring home some watermelon Gatorade, as that had worked with Jet when he'd had the same problem with Mom and Dad. Jet drank that, even watered down, very eagerly. So he was definitely not dehydrated.

He and I played. Eventually he took me downstairs, into the basement, and we watched Fong Sai Yuk II for a while as I rode the exercise bike. When I was done with the bike, he took my hand and dragged me over to the PlayStation and asked, "Crash? Crash?" So I started up the game and he cheered me on. That was cool, until another bout of bad noises.

I carried him upstairs to change him as he didn't seem to walk with that load. Poor guy. It was the nastiest yet, and when I finished cleaning him up, he just went over to the livingroom, dragged the Boppie onto the floor, turned on the TV, and lay down to watch cartoons. While I unloaded diapers in the garage, John arrived home. So Jet replenished what was in him while I cleaned up what had gotten out.

It was all uphill from there. He had fewer bowel movements that were much smaller. John dealt with most of them. I made a really simple dinner of pasta with asparagus, smoked salmon, and mushrooms for John and I, and we mostly just sat around, played video games, watched TV, and cuddled Jet when he asked to go to sleep.

There was a hockey play-off game going on, Vancouver versus the Minnesota Wild. We'd watched the Wild through the series with Denver, and they'd won the first game, lost the next three, and then won the final three. They had done the same for the first six games with Vancouver, and like with the seventh game against Denver, they were behind at the end of two periods.

IN the third period, they did the impossible AGAIN. They pulled it out from being behind, and every time I said that I was going to go to sleep, they'd score again. So I ended up watching the whole game. It was great hockey and sets up the battle of the Glass Slipper with the sixth seeded Wild against the eighth seeded Anaheim Ducks!!! It's going to make for a very strange series, one that no one would have ever thought would happen.

Vancouver was favored, massively. Ottawa, on the East Side of the conference fence, is the Cinderella of that conference. So the Canadians had been hopeful of an all-Canadian final; but with Vancouver gone, it's no go. Ottawa did make it to the final, so we'll see how they do.

It's been really cool because I can always cheer for the underdog, now, and it'll always be cool. But, man, I'm *tired*

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