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May 9, 2003
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Quiet Recovery Day

10:50 pm: Jet didn't get up until pretty late. I also had the bagels to bake, and John was fast asleep. So I called Joan to say that we weren't going to be able to drop Jet off until 9. Joan had an appointment, so she said that she'd be by to pick him up, instead. I agreed, and so Jet and I baked bagels and ate some of them while getting him ready for Joan to pick up.

He was pretty wrung out. He sat quietly in his chair while I buckled him up, put his shoes on and all that. He just watched TV pretty quietly and smiled at me and waved when Joan took him away.

I brought him home at 11, and he'd just been really quiet for Joan. She said it was obvious that he was still recovering and I agreed. He was really happy, though, and caused no trouble. That was good. He went right to sleep when I brought him home. And he didn't poop all day, so I think he's well on the way to recovering. I'm glad.

John's cold was still bothering him badly, so he went off to see if he could see one of the emergency doctors. When he found that it was an hour and a half wait he decided not to and came home to have lunch and then a few meetings. When Jet got up, I nursed him and we had lunch together. I got together all my medical expense receipts, filled in the right forms, and mailed it all. That was good to get off my head.

John and Jet played Bandicoot while I did a kind of falafel experiment. We didn't have garbanzos, so I used pinto beans, instead, but did all the other seasonings the same. I didn't add any binder for the first batch, but I did for the second batch and it turned out much better. Jet happily ate noodles while John and I ate falafel and salad. It was pretty good, crisp on the outside, very flavorful, and it was pretty satisfying.

When we were done, Jet asked for yogurt. I gave him some peach yogurt and he grabbed the spoon and started feeding himself. I was pretty impressed. He was actually quite neat about it until he felt that he was full. Then he started to fingerpaint on the floor with it. Oops. But the hard wood floor is pretty easy to clean of that stuff, and I just stopped him and wiped things up. I then persuaded him to take a bath as he needed one after yesterday.

I gave him the bath and finished off everything else to get him to sleep as John went to sleep early. He really needed it to get better, and I felt pretty good. I stayed up a while, afterwards, though, to write and get things together. It's good to gradually catch up with things

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