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May 11, 2003
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Best Mother's Day!

I think today was the best Mother's Day I've ever had.

It is the third Mother's Day I've had, and I still find myself surprised by the whole concept.

It was very nice to be able to sleep in, and then get up to a waffle breakfast with a really wonderful card. John a printed a picture of Jet I had taken when I'd finished hats to give to the troops. Jet had found the hats, and put one on. The hat had fit perfectly, though Jet was wearing nothing but shorts in addition to the hat. He had grinned at me when I took his picture in such a way that it makes for a really great picture and a better Mother's Day card. I loved it.

Church was OK. There was a liturgical dance sequence instead of a full sermon, and Michael really enjoyed that. I was so-so about it. It was all very heartfelt, and Jet ended up handing me a bag with a live, flowering plant in it. That felt pretty good. He went right to sleep for his nap afterwards, and both John and I did stuff around the yard, the house, and ate lunch while he slept.

It felt really good to be able to work out in the yard while it was warm and sunny, and it was just fun to do after a week's worth of desk work.

When he woke up, he helped me out with replanting the tomato plants into larger containers. Jet really enjoyed mixing the mud and helping me water plants afterwards. They'll look a lot happier, and it'll be a lot easier to let them toughen up when they have enough soil and water.

We all went to La Panda II for dinner. Jet ran around a lot, as he wasn't interested in eating anything. John and I both had great dinners, and it was a very casual restaurant that made it easy to let Jet run around without being embarrassed by it. In fact, there were two other kids that he could play with that were wandering around as well. I really liked that.

I'm pretty tired. It's been a pretty rough week with another hard one coming up. Today, though, was pretty good

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