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May 16, 2003
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The week was really nasty. I was having PMS problems, emotionally, for most of the week. I was pretty irritated at everyone and everything all week. I ended up, today, speaking with my boss about some personality clashes I was having with other people. Actually, I wasn't clashing with anyone, I was just mad at thinking that other people were putting me down. I'm also been mildly irrational at John in the same way. It didn't make for a good week.

Jet actually slept all night both last Saturday night and Monday night. We did the usual workouts. I even added going to water aerobics on Wednesday because my right arm hurt way too much to let me sleep easily. I am still having problems with my right arm, and the water aerobics seemed to help quite a bit. I think it's just the variety of motion that the exercises offer compared to the relative motionlessness of my work. All that added up to me not sleeping well. So I wasn't able to take advantage of Jet's new ability.

I do, however, feel pretty well exercised.

Jet seems to be doing a lot better this week than last week. I think he's completely recovered from the stomach bug, which makes a big difference. He's even eating a little more.

With my arm in its better shape as it is, I don't know if I'm going to be able to update the journal as often as I used to. I'll have to see how it goes. There's quite a few entries I have to finish for March, still. But I hope to do some of them.

I did manage to toughen up the tomato plants and today we gave all but the seven largest to Joan. Jet also gave Haley her birthday present and she had a good time ripping it open this morning. He seemed to enjoy watching her do that. So that was cool.

Also, with all the emotional weirdness this last week, John and I have both started playing Crash Bandicoot more often, and Jet loves watching us. He's really good at pointing out obstacles, boxes, and problems. It's actually been a lot of fun doing it with him as a very appreciative audience asking, "Again? Again?" whenever he liked a sequence or problem. It's interesting that even courses that scare the heck out of him are ones that he's interested in doing again. We'll have to do more of that as time goes on, and it's a good distraction, for me, from when things bother me too much.

Part of the week's problems also stem from my frustration at the fact that I'm probably not going to start the new job for some time. There's just too much to be done here, and it's just too painful to think about too much

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