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May 20, 2003
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Napping, Swimming, and Santiago's

8:39 pm: A warming day with a fun afternoon. I decided, in the morning, that I was not going to stay at work. Last week's day had been so frustrating I just couldn't see repeating it. If anything, I could at least work while I was half-heartedly listening to meetings that I didn't care about. It would be better than having to sit through it without being able to do anything while other folks were working away on their laptops or doing something else.

John took care of Jet all night and let me sleep. I really needed it badly, and Jet had trouble getting to sleep last night. I'm not entirely sure why, but when he got up in the middle of the night he had problems going back to sleep as well. John decided to just sleep with him, and he woke up pretty often, bumped into John and just went back to sleep. I don't know what anxiety's gotten into him, but so it is, and it may well be a setup for another sleep-all-night time. Or something. We'll just have to work through it.

I also had a morning appointment at Dr. Davis' to get my new toothguard. I stayed home and worked for a bit after John took Jet to Joan's, and then headed into Boulder. I'd forgotten just how solid Boulder traffic could get around 9 am. So I was five minutes late and I apologized to folks. They said that it was no problem, but I still don't like to do that and not, at least, apologize.

The new toothguard is a beauty, solid, shining, and well fitted. I really like it. Dr. Davis also took the time to make sure that it fit well and wasn't binding anywhere. That was really reassuring. We adjusted it and he said that if it needed any more adjustments to just call and have it done. I'm glad of the reassurance. I like having them say that. I took it with me to work, and went to one meeting that I prefer to have face-to-face as I really do think that I add value to it.

It was the meeting with Smitha and Jayashree and I did far better this time and felt better about this meeting than I have for a while, mostly because the document that I've been working on for the last week was the focus of it. And they gave useful feedback on the overall organization, I have plenty to work on from that.

Then I found out that the first of the afternoon meetings was supposed to be short and the second, even less useful one was cancelled for the week. I was glad of that. That meant that I'd make it to Jet's swim lesson, no problem. And so it was.

I actually got home before John and Jet. Joan now takes Jet until noon on Tuesdays, so that John can go in and do some things before coming home. I drank some coffee and did more work, and when they came home, Jet climbed the stairs to get some nursing in. He fell asleep and stayed that way for nearly two hours while John and I worked, had lunch, and when he woke up it was in the midst of my 'short' meeting that turned into a forty-five minute opportunity to work on a few things. I was glad of that. John fed him ramen when he woke up and he ate most of half a package, right in time for his lesson.

I packed up many bags, Jet's diaper bag, and helped get everything into the Eurovan and we headed out to Fredrick. Jet had only Alex and Haley as swim lesson companions, and he got lots of attention and turns to go out swimming, kicking, and going. He even went down the slide, once, and off the dive board three times. When John and I jumped in, afterwards, he was already pretty tired. We actually had a pretty good time, swimming around the pool, avoiding the class and one man that wanted to use the lap lanes.

Jet ended up, however, wanting to take off his float AND jump off the diving board. I managed to catch him and keep him up enough to get him to the side but maybe he figured out that it was really harder than it should have been. He decided that enough was enough and refused to go back into the pool. So I took him to the showers and had a fun, relaxed time getting both of us through the shower and into clothing. John got to swim a few laps, which was good for him. I think that we both missed having exercise yesterday.

From there we hit Santiago's for dinner. There were bikes parked outside, with a small cage with garter snakes in it. There were three kids inside, polishing off burritos. We ordered our food, got it quickly, and then headed for the van. Jet liked watching them put our order together, and he was tired enough that he didn't fight going back. One of the kids came out while we were loading up and John casually said, "Nice snakes you have there." "Hey!! How'd you know they were MY snakes?" the kid answers, "You must be a magic man!!" *giggles* They offered to sell us the snakes for four dollars, but we politely refused the kind offer.

Home again, home again, and we ate outside. Jet refused to eat anything, which wasn't too surprising given that he'd eaten barely an hour ago. But while we were eating, Jet walked right around the house, out of sight. So I followed him. He was just on a mission to wander around the yard. I had fun following him until John finished and chased us down and took Jet over to the Morgans to talk about paving contractors. I finished my dinner in peace. Lady Morgan came over to take the classified section from one of our papers, and we exchanged pleasantries. Jet joined in as well, babbling happily in any conversational blank and getting both our attentions for his trouble. He was really happy about that.

After that, John lured us all down to the basement, where he played a bit of Crash and some Crash Team Racing while Jet and I watched. Jet eventually got bored, opened his box of toys and started placing them, one by one, in various spots in the room. He moved all of them each time, to five different spots in the room, occasionally getting in John's visual field of the racing. That was pretty amusing. John and I then did a couple of cups, and then John went upstairs to make some phone calls while I filled in some tokens and relics. It's a lot of fun to do tag-team games.

Jet, however, got bored enough to go upstairs and then come back down to drag me upstairs. He didn't want me to play anymore. I turned everything off and followed him. It was much better for my hands. I actually think that if I didn't play any video games my hands would be better by now, too. Then again, now I'm writing while Jet's watching Schoolhouse Rock. He's had his exercise for the day, so I don't begrudge him anything. He also ate five Girl Scout thin mint cookies in a row before I finally cut him off. We'll likely get some popcorn into him eventually. It'll be a little better than just chocolate cookies.

John just plugged the air popper in, and Jet immediately got up from his program to run over to watch going, "Uh huh! Corn!" I'm glad that he likes that stuff

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