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May 29, 2003
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Hot Day

1:05 pm: Jet's sleeping really well. I'm glad. He had a mildly unhappy night, which John and I split between us. He had his fever, but we kept up with the Tylenol and he seems to be pretty comfortable most of the time.

He went to Joan's, He did great. He was mildly tired by the end of the time there, and when he came home he went right to sleep, but only for forty minutes. I nursed him some more and he's slept another hour. I think he needs it pretty badly.

The cable guy came while I was working and while I was trying to get Jet to sleep, and he added an amplifier to our cable circuits so all the programs and channels are much clearer than they were before. It's mildly odd, as there was a time when the signal from off the street was perfectly good. I am not entirely sure what happened.

Still, it's now fixed, and that's good.

It's a HOT day today, going to be in the 90's, so Jet and I are mostly just hiding in the house, watching some TV, staying in the lower levels where it's cooler.

9:36 pm: It's been an interesting afternoon. I think I'm coming down with whatever Jet has. I actually napped when Jet went down for a late nap after John came home. John got home early, and he managed to sell the Range Rover while I was mostly asleep. That is very cool.

We're going to deliver it and get the check tomorrow. That will be a very welcome addition to the account.

John made leftover dinner. The Fridge is completely full of food, some of it I don't even remember, so it's good to empty it as much as possible before the July trip. There's a lot of stuff in there that really should be eaten. We also have lots of freezer stuff and pantry stuff, and with sufficient imagination we should be able to get by on nothing but more of Jet's milk, bananas, and grapefruit. Okay, maybe the occasional head of lettuce.

It hit 97 at our house, today, the first 90 degree day of the year, and it's a dozy. I'm supposed to be in to work tomorrow, and it's going to be cooler for the rest of the week, thank goodness. Lots of meetings tomorrow with people having to do with the project I'm working on. I think I can have the whole requirements set and early design ready in only a little more time.

I'm tired. Probably sick, too. Jet watched a lot of video today, more than usual, even. He got "Monsters Inc." "Laputa" and the "Goofy Movie" under his belt. I thought my headache might have been from too much screen stuff today, between work and the videos. He didn't really eat all that much, though he asked for a smoothie after refusing dinner, he got some of it into himself, and then refused the rest and ate another half a block of ramen, straight.

I think his eating habits are going to hit a point of singularity and then start to expand. Maybe.

I can hope.

I think that John sold the Baby Buggy today. There was a family that came to look at it and took a whole hour, and when Jet and I went out to see what was up, they were closing the deal with a handshake and some details about the logistics of getting the Baby Buggy to them. That was very cool. It's money that'll be useful during our vacation, I think.

Arms are better today. I actually made an appointment with CeLena for Saturday at 8:30 to get things worked over and still have the rest of the day with which to do things. That should be useful. While things are getting better it doesn't hurt to just get some overall relief. I think that having my fingernail mostly back together really helps, too. That I'm not protecting that finger any more, and so I'm not pulling my hand into weird positions and stuff. One good thing out of it all is that I'm mousing and tracking with my left hand a lot more than my right now, and that's all to the good for the long-term health of my right arm, I think.

Jet went to sleep earlier tonight than he has for a while. I think it's a good thing to have time to ourselves for a bit in the evening. We'll have to work on doing that a bit more.

After dinner, Jet heard the kids next door playing, so we went over there and he played with their trucks for a while, then got up with the other two boys his age on the roof of their sandbox. He ended up on the trampoline, happily jumping about like a little jumping bean. His feet were solid, his stance very steady, and the neighbor father admired the fact that he had his trampoline legs. It was really funny having Jet telling Ben, the four five year old, "Stop it!" when Ben jumped circles around him and bounced him around. I'm really glad to have him be that verbal and to simply ask for what he really wants. That's such a good thing.

Jet didn't want to leave when the mosquitoes came out, but their dad called him quite happily and Jet ran to him and jumped over the springs into his arms. Happy boy, and a great dad. *grin* That was cool. Then Jet got handed over to me, and we went home. Halfway there, Jet insisted that he was going to walk, so he did, and we got back in the dark. There was no hurry, and he was doing just fine.

Jet's definitely getting more independent, now. It's pretty cool

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