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May 30, 2003
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Four Meetings and Delivering the Baby Buggy

I went into work during the morning. I had meetings with a bunch of people, and it was easier to do at work than at home. I was stood up for my first meeting, the second was my one on one that went really well. I asked some questions that I really wanted to ask and she noted some things that I'd put on my status.

I had included the fact that I was having hand problems with the new setup with the laptop. So she knows. I really need to have a separate keyboard, as having the keyboard in my lap brings the screen down so far that my neck and shoulders have really been having problems. My arms problems are also bad enough that I really need to do something about them. Not just dictation software.

It's hard working without my ergonomic keyboard.

My third meeting was actually my first one remade. We just took one of the comfy rooms, and talked. She hadn't been able to show up so early on a Friday and I was okay with it. It just was the way it was. She's built more like I am about time, and I appreciate that more now.

The fourth meeting was good. Both the third and the fourth gave me ideas about what I really want to have happen with the project I'm doing under mild protest, things that I think are better, but might have some objections from my present bosses. We'll see.

Home again, home again, and Jet hadn't gotten to sleep, yet, so I nursed him, got him to sleep, and worked some more. I gladly stopped when he woke up. My hands and arms hurt too much. I spent some time looking at ergonomic USB keyboards, because it's looking like my old keyboards won't work with the USB port as there are no drivers for them. Since I may have to move to an entirely new keyboard with the move to the new standard, I may as well look at all the possibilities and figure out what I really want to do. I think that my fingers rest on the keys too much to use a really cool touch pad style, zero force, keyboard that Fingerworks sells. I may end up with the Kinesis in USB configuration. It's time I had a new keyboard, anyway, I guess. It's been nearly seven years.

John had a meeting. When it ended we raced south. Well, kind of. As soon as we got on I-25, it was clogged to the max. We headed to the place the guy was going to meet us, and we ended up there in plenty of time. He handed John a wad of cash. John handed him the title. Then we drove the Baby Buggy to the guy's house and dropped it off for him. It was mildly sad, but we haven't used it since the beginning of the year, so it wasn't like giving up something we were using every day anymore. It was very nice to have the money, but odd to have that much cash at once.

I think that it was the first time that either John or I had had that much money in our pockets at once. Ever. Poor Jet really needed some outdoor playtime, so we stopped at a playground, and he got to play for a good hour with a playground full of kids. He had a blast on the slide, the monkeybars, and getting in the way of all the bigger kids. They had the same kind of gravel that John had gotten for Jet's sandbox.

After the hour, he was quite happy to go and get some 'noodles' for dinner. Yeah, we celebrated a multi-thousand dollar transaction with four dollar bowls of noodle soup. That was pretty cool. Jet ate better than he has since he got his fever. That was good. He also had his sucker happily, and we headed home.

That was a good day. We spent the evening playing Crash, having a little ice cream, and then John went to bed early while I stayed up with Jet until he was ready brush his teeth and go to sleep. John was great and stayed up long enough to brush his teeth with Jet. That made the job a lot easier, as Jet watched John with fascination and opened his mouth to have the same done to him. That was cool. He didn't spit until it was time to spit, instead of spraying toothpaste at me the whole time.

He didn't get to sleep until a bit before eleven. John was long asleep by then. I made myself a mug of the vanilla enhanced Mexican chocolate with milk instead of the usual water, and it was pretty good. Mmmm... and while the warm milk was still making me sleepy, I went to sleep. Mmmm...

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