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November 24, 2003
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Pink Cracker Run

I had a lot of fun today with Jet.

Joan called last night to say that Haley and Ashley had come down with the vomiting version of the flu that's going around. They're really sick. So she thought it would be best if we just kept Jet ourselves.

I had one thing I had to do today for work, so I decided that I'd do that, and fuck everything else. And that I'd probably be able to do it while Jet was asleep for his nap. So, this morning, I let him watch Nick Jr. while I ate my breakfast, and he actually turned the TV off himself when he didn't want to watch something and we played with the Tonka trucks he got with John when they went to Costco Friday night.

Then Jet started talking about "pink crackers". Ever since he's gotten sick he hasn't really eaten much nor had much appetite. So i decided it would be good to go and get Jet some "pink crackers". They're actually the pink wafer cookies that he loves. So I got him all dressed, with the incentive of his pink crackers, and we got out into the Eurovan, and got everything in. I strapped him in, got up into the driver's seat, and saw that the radio was blinking at me. Huh...

I opened the garage door. No need to let the -3 degree temps into the garage while I was loading things up. I put the key in the ignition, turned it and the engine turned over just fine. Good. I then put it into reverse. I released the parking brake, which also turns on the headlights.

The engine died, sputtering and unhappy.

From the back of the van came a small voice. "Oh. That's not good."

That floored me. Jet's not shown that kind of language use before this point. I had to laugh and agree with him. "Yup. It sure isn't."

I figured, at that point, that the primary battery had been drained by the radio, and the backup was enough to start things, but not sustain things. So I figured all I had to do was start it and let it run for a while. That did work. No other problems when the alternator caught up with some charge on the battery. Whew.

So we had fun wandering around the grocery store. Jet's a different boy, again. Instead of running around, knocking things down on random shelves, he pretty much stuck with me, walking when he wanted to, running to the front of the cart to step up and hold on when he didn't want to walk anymore. He rode quite happily and smiled every time we went around a corner. Whee!

He was very patient with my shopping, and only asked for his pink crackers a couple of times. He helped me pick some green onions, he was willing to carry his crackers himself when we did get around to them. I was very impressed. He was very willing to smile at the cashier and say, "Hello!" and wave to them, and stick with me as we went out the door. He rode the cart over the ice out to the car. No problem.

I was very impressed.

Up to now he ran wild in a grocery store. Now he sticks with us. Wow.

He munched four of the finger-length cookies on the way home, went to sleep, no problem when it was nap time, and I got everything done that I wanted to get done. He woke up a little querulous, but ended up happy enough, especially when he knew that we were going to swim.

Jet was happy as a clam to go into the child care and play with the toys there. The workout hurt. I still feel like I'm going through the tail end of a cold or something, and I'm easily tired. So I mostly walked, did a little elliptical, and then walked a little more after doing my weights. I did arm and lower back weights and needed the time to talk with John and cool down.

Jet had a blast swimming again. He ran around like a loon, dove, swam, and played with other boys, the fountains, and found a ball to send down the slide before him. He had a blast. But then the lifeguard told us that he couldn't sit on the top step of the hot tub, and we had to haul him to the shower while he was still a little blue in the lips. Poor guy.

He refused to eat goldfish during our showers. That was really unusual, and he nearly fell asleep while we were looking for the Chinese buffet we wanted to take him to. He was really unhappy when we woke him up; but once John got a plateful of rice set down in front of him, he dug in and started shoving it into his mouth. He ate half a plateful of rice before demanding multiple sauces, and then ice cream. The funny thing was that after I got him his ice cream, he took two bites and went back to his plateful of rice. He liked the rice better than ice cream.

He also drank half a glass of milk, ate two fortune cookies, and demanded a chocolate mint on the way out. Jet was far, far happier after he ate something, and he made it most of the way home before falling asleep again. I think it's the cold. But he didn't want to brush his teeth when we got him into his pajamas, and I didn't fight it. We can brush them tomorrow. He fell asleep in my lap in the rocking chair and went down like a rock into his futon before 9 pm. Sleepy boy.

I'm pretty tired. I hope he'll sleep well again. The last few days he's been sleeping a lot better than when he first caught the bug. I'm glad that he's doing better, and resting to heal up.

It was a really good day. I am glad I spent the time with him.

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