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September 30, 2003
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Shaky Day

I went into work today. I'm not entirely sure I should have. I did okay, but was shaky for a lot of the day, too. My guts now know that antibiotics have defoliated all of the native flora as well as the invaders. Poor guts.

I got in a full day. Lots of work done and meetings met.

One of the meetings was with my boss' boss, who had flown in from San Jose. This morning, he'd heard the bad news that the budget for the contractor that's supposed to replace me was cut, yet again. I was pretty bummed. It helped, though, to see that he was pretty bummed, too. I don't care if it was an act, because even the act showed that he cared about how I felt. Which was enough. He also talked through a few other things with me that sounded very interesting, and we've brought some of the things that I'm going to do to a particular closing point.

It would be better, though, for me to finish out this design cycle with this team, we both thought, then to plan for another quarter, find that it's denied again, and have to plan for the next quarter with everything being so damned uncertain. The uncertainty is killing me.

I may have to talk with Judi sometime...

Anyway... life was weird, a little, after that. All the things that I'd chucked or tossed because I thought I didn't need them anymore seemed kind of weird. But I don't really need most of them.

I stayed all day. I was pretty tired when I finally got home. We had another adventure, though, that we'd planned a while back. We had to get pictures taken at church for the church directory. So we had some dinner and went to get out pictures taken. Jet was great for the family photos. He sat in my lap and commented, quite happily on the instant display. He did not, however, want to have solo pictures taken.

When we tried to do it, he would just cry and try to get me to hold him. He had no desire to be on there. We got a few shots of him hiding in John's lap, but that was about it. They weren't really that good. When we went to pre-view the pictures, Jet decided he had had his picture taken, so he had to have his pants off. He was struggling, mightily, to take them off, whimpering and crying and everything, and we were telling him that we weren't going to help him with that. We didn't really want him running around naked. It turned out, however, that the moment he got his pants off, he ran over to his diaper bag, pulled out the pair of shorts that was in it, and gave it to us to put on him!

So that was a very pleasant surprise. Once he had his shorts on, he wanted his Hawaiian shirt off, so he got that off, and he brought over his navy t-shirt to put back on. That's all he really wanted. So we put that on him and he was cheerful again, but he still didn't want to have his picture taken. That was okay. There were a couple very nice family shots. We got those, not only for the directory, but also for ourselves and to give away as appropriate.

So that was cool. We went out to the playground, afterwards, and let Jet play and play and play as he liked. He enjoyed that after the stuffy heat of the room.

He did great. The pictures have turned out really nicely. We'll have some extras to send to people for Christmas. That should be fun.

He talked and sang all the way home, and I talked with him as John drove us home. It's fun to just converse with him, even if it makes no adult sense. Given that adult conversations make no sense to him, it just seems fair.

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