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October 11, 2003
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Halloween Cookies

I am kind of tired of bloodshot eyes, but even with sleeping in this morning, I still had bloodshot eyes. I tried using Jet's eyedrops today, but that didn't seem to help much either. I wonder if I'm actually completely over the pink eye and it's just allergies that are getting to me. The wind, last night, really kicked my allergies hard, so I wonder if they're still doing stuff to me.

It was a mildly odd day. No real structure to it, but I guess Saturdays are like that. John and I had a baked pancake Jet ate what he wanted. He slept around noon, and I got some journal stuff done, but not a lot. I was pretty ambitious, and managed to get sugar cookie dough done so that John and Jet could make Halloween cookies later.

John got the lawnmower fixed. A tire had gone completely flat and the blades were in real need of sharpening. He went to the John Deere folks and got a new tire and a new, better pick-up blade. He fixed the mower and did all the wild bits around the back horse barn and all around the house.

We did got out and do errands after Jet woke up. Hauled the recycling to Longmont. Jet insisted on helping me dump the recycling, so the two of us carried the bins up to the stairs, but I insisted on him climbing the really rough wooden stairs without holding onto the bin. He obliged, and I propped the bin up against the dumpster and then picked him up so that he could tip everything into the dumpster. He loved that. He did it three times before we were out of stuff to dump. That was pretty cool. I like having him help when he can, and he loved doing it, so I'll keep encouraging that.

From there we hit Safeway, and he was a bit of a terror to start, but after getting to run all the way around the store twice, he settled down and sat in the basket of the truck cart, and two-thirds of the way through, he decided he could ride in the cab. So he did. That was good.

Home again, home again.

I read Connie Willis' Miracle and Other Christmas Stories Was too lazy to make dinner. Finally we decided that John would go get Nick and Willy's and Jet and I would 'make' cookies.

I got out flour, rolling pin, and part of the dough. I also pulled over Jet's bar stool and he got up on it. I cut half the dough in half, and he 'rolled' the dough out with me 'helping'. It was fun. Then he cut out the cookies and let me transfer most of them to the cookie sheet. Occasionally, he'd try to pick a cookie up by the edge, but it got a bit mushier with all the time we spent doing all that and it being at room temperature. So he mushed a couple, but that wasn't a problem. We just picked it all up and rolled it all out again. I used a spatula on the second batch. We got one more set of cuts out of it, and then Jet got to play with the rest of the dough to his heart's content.

That was pretty contented, too. He loved playing with the stuff. Just squishing it, rolling it, cutting it with the cutters. He had a blast. We already had one sheet's worth of cookies, and the cookbook said that dough that has already been rolled twice should be 'donated to someone that needs practice rolling'. Jet certainly qualified. He loved it and it occupied him well into John getting home with pizza dropping them into the oven.

Jet ate two whole slices of pepperoni pizza. I could have dropped dead. He just kept biting off more and more of his slices and ate and ate and ate. He had two whole slices. We had some pepperoni and some of our roma veggie beauty as well. It was good stuff. Then I went to work and rolled and cut and baked the rest of the cookies. These are pretty cool. There's a tombstone, a cat, a hat, a witch, a pumpkin, a half moon, and a bat. All pretty easily recognizable. The cookies, themselves turned out deliciously buttery and rich. Crisp around the edges, but sturdy enough to endure some knocking about. Nice stuff.

John got out the confectioner's sugar, and I made a bit of milk icing, and we used the coloring pastes in the box to make some gray/purple and orange icing. Jet loved mounding sprinkles on the iced cookies, and the simple frosting dried pretty quickly and very smoothly and solidly onto the cookies. He really liked that.

I was pretty proud of how they turned out. I wasn't expecting them to be that good for a first stab at making iced, shaped cookies. But The Best Recipe didn't let me down. I was very glad.

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