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September 29, 2002
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Waffles, the Mall, and Jet's Sick Again

10:07 pm: Jet didn't wake up until nearly 8. John was up at 7:30, and couldn't go back to sleep, so he roasted coffee, mixed up waffle batter, and cooked sausages. By the time Jet was up, he got to munch on waffles. Dave and Kevin were up soon after, and by 8:30, John woke me up to say that breakfast was finished.

So I got up, put myself together and joined everyone else for breakfast. Kevin and Dave straightened out their tickets for home, and Kevin did all the on-line research he needed to do for a report that was due tomorrow. Then they hopped into their car to get a good look at the mountains. Jet was a little shy of Kevin, but he was very attentive of him and gave him the biggest smiles, but he hid from both of them as they were saying their good-byes. When John and I went outside to say good-bye, Jet went to the window to watch them go.

Jet did something approximating a restless nap from about 11:30 to 1:30. John got to sleep for about two hours, all together, and he felt a lot better for it.

We headed into Boulder to see the Fall Festival, which had a lot of art things set up along the Pearl Street Mall. We wandered all the way down and all the way up. Jet was very content to just sit in his stroller and watch everything go by. We had lunch, a fairly big one, at the Cheesecake Factory. And then we took Jet to the sidewalk fountain.

There were a good dozen kids all there screaming, running around, and playing with the water. Jet was smaller than nearly all of them, but he watched avidly. We took his shirt, shorts, and shoes off in case he'd get brave, but he decided to just stand with me and watch the other kids. He would yell encouragement, and he squawked in surprise when one kid put a cup over one of the fountains and it shot a few feet into the air. Whee!

He didn't mind getting dressed, and he seemed to have enjoyed the time in the sunshine. He settled back into the stroller content, with a cup of water and we headed home. He fell asleep on the way home, and slept for a good hour while I updated my journal and John did stuff. Then he slept in John's arms for half an hour until John's brother Dave called, and then he slept in my arms, while nursing for another half and hour.

Sleepy head.

But when he finally woke up for real, we figured out why. Jet's sick again. He was sneezing, coughing, and had a runny nose. On the most part, I've never heard Jet cough, before, during a cold. So this was scaring me a little bit. When I came back downstairs, he demanded to nurse, so I let him but didn't let him go to sleep. I then just carried him around in the sling while I reheated some of the steamed roll for our dinner.

It was light. There wasn't that much of it. John and I each had plenty and Jet picked pieces off of my plate. Since lunch was so huge, we didn't need much and we ate late. By the time we were done, we just took Jet upstairs and gave him a bath. This time Jet washed a much larger percentage of himself. He's getting the idea that he has to spread the soap over more than just his little belly. It was fun watching him get the idea and start rubbing the stuff onto his arms.

We gave him some Dimetapp for his nose and cough before he nursed himself to sleep. Then both John and I ate more of my birthday cake and drank Echinacea tea. Both of us are probably infected with whatever Jet has. We can only help our bodies fight it off. I am a little hopeful that it might just be that Jet is getting the cold that I've had, as he wasn't coughing for his previous cold. Then it shouldn't trash me again so soon.

The cake is actually better today than it was yesterday, I think. The milks have gotten a little more time to soak into the cake, and the characteristic sweetness and moistness of the cake is more thorough. I was also, today, able to leave behind most of the mass of whipped cream and eat just the fresh strawberries and the cake itself. I really enjoyed the tart, juicy contrast of the berries to the moist tenderness of the cake. Yay!

It's so funny to be able to call it my birthday cake, too. It's probably the first cake that I've ever wanted enough to order for myself. It was really nice to have the party at our house so that I had a reason to have it and to share it with others. There is no way John and I could have eaten one of these ourselves. When John had originally asked about one, they had shaped something small enough that I was a little worried that there might not be enough for everyone. But there was more than enough.


It was a little odd today, writing my journal and updating it. Sometimes I think that when I took the Franklin Covey memes and started using them that my days have turned more into to-do lists than before. My journal sometimes feels like it's become more about what I do than what I think or what I feel. There's much more of what's external to me than internal and I wonder if I need to change that or if I just have to figure out a different balance.

The little notebook that Kathy sent me has me thinking about how to use it or what to put into it.

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