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September 11, 2003
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Pecan Cinnamon Rolls

Short Version: Finally, a typical day. Pecan cinnamon rolls. Jet and John go to Joan's. I work well. Joan drops off Jet. Jet doesn't sleep until 2. I work. I wake him at 4. Ice cream to Rec. Center. Workout 280 kcal. Swim. Dinner at Souper Salad! Jet eats lots of 'lunch'. Harvest moon on the way home. Play a little. I go to sleep early.

I was so happy to have a day that was normal, although the cinnamon, pecan rolls weren't particularly normal. John got up early with Jet, and baked the rolls so that they were hot when I woke up. We ate them with plenty of coffee, and Jet even ate one after we called it a doughnut. That was pretty funny.

Jet and John went to Joan's and I got to work in peace for the morning. My meeting went really well. Everyone was very constructive about their criticisms for my documentation and my design. They brought up some very good questions that needed answering before the design could be complete. I liked that. That's the kind of criticism I can really work with, that doesn't make me feel defensive, and really will improve the things that I do.

Joan dropped Jet off and 11:30. Jet wanted to nurse then, but didn't go to sleep. He was too busy playing with a musical Winnie the Pooh while nursing to be able to go to sleep. So he stayed up, and I tried to feed him some lunch. He was so tired, however, that he had no interest in eating anything. So we played, watched TV, and I generally tried to keep him from doing too much damage until 1:30. By then he was actually lying on the floor in order to watch TV. He protested when I picked him up to nurse again, but what we had settled on the couch he decided that he wanted to nurse. He fell asleep in about two minutes flat.

So I got to work some more. I kept watching the clock though, and at four o'clock I had to go down and wake him up. I had already packed the Eurovan with everything we needed for working out and swimming. I was mildly dubious about working out, as I still had traces of the asthma and I was coughing every once in a while. Still, with John waiting for us there, I had to get us there.

Jet was still groggy from his nap when I handed him an ice cream cone with a ball of the mint chocolate chip ice cream on top. He dug in. I was even able to pick him up and strap him into his car seat with no resistance whatsoever. That was very impressive. I then drove us to the Rec. Center as quickly as possible. I was checking on Jet all the time in the rearview mirror. I knew trouble was coming when I saw him starting to eat the cone along the side and down to the bottom before he had finished the ice cream at the top. It was an impressive feat. When the ice cream finally fell, I pulled over into a driveway, turned on the four-way flashers, and went back to clean him up with a wet washcloth I had brought along for the occasion.

The cleaning up took less time than it would have to wake Jet up by some other means. I was very happy with that. He asked for fish after his cone, and I was able to place his container of goldfish in his lap for him to eat on the last leg of our journey. We got there just as John was walking by the empty spot I pulled into, so he was able to help us go into the Rec. Center. That helped immensely, as he was able to shepherd Jet towards the building while I wrestled all the bags. At first, Jet didn't want to go to childcare, but with a little time with all the toys there he finally resigned himself.

A number of the aerobic machines on the north side of the building were Out of Order. When all of the other elliptical machines were already taken I decided to take the rowing machine for a spin. I knew I wanted a better workout than I had last week, but I didn't know I wanted to stretch myself too much, either. So I started off with two graduated, four-minute workouts at a lower level, and built on it as I felt capable. I ended up with a 28 minute workout that burnt 280 calories. That was pretty impressive, as my normal workout is only 200 calories. I definitely push myself harder than usual, and felt better about it afterwards than I have for a while.

Jet was very happy what we came and got him for swimming. He was jumping up and down on the changing table while I was changing him into his swim diaper and swimsuit. He wanted to walk out when we got to the pool. So I set him down and he walked into the water and then started running. He loved splashing. We had a great time for an entire hour. I think giving him the goldfish and ice cream before swimming gave him a little more stamina than he had last week. He was very happy. We did a lot of things, he got to swim between us, do the small slide numerous times, float around the Lazy Current, and ended up with two trips down the large slide. After that and a little while in the hot tub to get warm he asked for fish again.

So we went and had our showers. Jet got his fish. We then hit the Souper Salad! for our dinner. Jet did really well. He had plenty of pepperoni, his potato sticks, his goldfish, three slices of melon, and his bowl of ice cream. I had soup, salad, and some of the pasta salads to round things out. Instead of ice cream I decided to have cake cubes topped with vanilla pudding and chocolate sauce. At least I thought it was vanilla pudding. When I took my first bite it tasted really weird. I still have no idea why, but it really tasted like the chemical essence of a thousand bananas packed into a single bite. Totally overwhelming. The rest of the pudding, when I thought of it as being banana, tasted nothing like banana. It was just bland pudding with nearly no flavor of all. The only thing I can think of is that somehow the banana flavoring for the pudding was added but not mixed in or something. It was pretty terrible for that one bite, and I kept expecting it to be terrible again. It made for a very nerve-wracking dessert.

Jet kept asking to go home after he finished his ice cream. We played for a while in the Eurovan in the parking lot. Jet really wanted to drive for a little bit, so we let him. After he finally climbed into his chair, we drove to the Rec. Center to drop John off at his car. Jet and I talked about all kinds of things on the way home. He talked about candy, pink, it being dark outside, and wanting to go home. As we crested to rise on the way home, the harvest Moon rose. It was enormous, golden, and beautiful. We both talked about that all way home, and once we were home he ran around the house looking for the Moon. That was pretty cool.

John was very cool and let me go to sleep early. I really needed it, as I was pretty tired. My asthma also kicked in after we opened the house to the outside. When I went to bed I turned on the air filter that we had gotten for Jet's room. I put it in our room just in case my asthma was allergy-based. And sure enough, after 15 minutes of running the filter my asthma died down to a very bearable level. I was very happy to find out that it wasn't just a consequence of my cold of last week. It was even better knowing that there was something I could do about it. So I slept.

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