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September 12, 2003
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Bye-bye Okay!

9:01 pm: I am very, very glad that it's Friday. I'm tired through John was great and got me to go to sleep early last night, and he let me sleep in this morning. I woke up only fifteen minutes before 8, so I had to get myself together really quickly and we were still fifteen minutes late getting to Joan's.

It wasn't helped by the fact that Jet did NOT want to go. Finally John and I had to just pt Jet, forcibly into his seat. It took a little while for Jet to calm down. I was listening to what he was saying and repeating it back to him. He muttered, at first about, "No want bye-bye! No want bye-bye." But halfway through the drive, he started saying that the wanted bye-bye. He wanted bye-bye.

But when we got to Joan's, he wanted me to pick him up. I had to put his car seat into Joan's car, first, and he just stood outside the Eurovan until I was done with that. When I was done with that, I picked him up along with his diaper bag and brought him into Joan's house. He clung to my leg and pants when I finally did put him down.

Alex was getting ready for school. Haley tumbled into the livingroom, half-naked and very, very happy about it. That was pretty funny. The TV was on, bright and cheerful. Everyone greeted Jet very happily, and gradually Jet soaked it all in. After I talked with Joan for a bit, Jet looked up at me and smiled and said, "Bye-bye."

I smiled at him, "Bye-bye okay?"

"Yeah. Bye-bye." Jet let go of my leg and started wrestling with Haley. He waved when I went out the door, and I waved back. That was very satisfying to see.

I went in to work. I got to write my status, do my 1:1, and then do a lot of reading, writing, and installing of applications on my machine. The hookup at work is far, far, far faster than the one at home, and loading and installing huge things over that network was far, far easier than doing it at home.

So I got to do all that before going home at noon. On the way home, I saw an oncoming car, which flashed its lights at me. It was John, coming back from a different errand.

We both got to the house at the same time and John told me that Jet had wanted to "catch" me. Hee. So he was pretty happy that I was home at the same time as they were. We nursed and he went to sleep at 1, and John and I got some lunch. I got to water my tomato plants, the corner ones got a little extra compared to just what they get from the drip irrigation. I picked another dozen of the larger tomatoes, and half a cup of the smaller ones. They're getting banged around a bit by the high winds of the storms and fronts that have been blowing through. A couple of tomatoes have been bruised a bit, and some of the current tomatoes had dropped on the ground because of the winds. Some of the branches have worked themselves free of the cages, too. I decided not to tuck anything back in because there's supposed to be storm weather blowing through tomorrow.

Then I got to work for a while. I mostly took the time to read the Refactoring book by Martin Fowler. It's a really good book. I got to learn a lot about good coding practices through it. That was fun.

Jet woke up and was very happy to nurse for a while. He started watching some TV, got crackers and pepperoni as well as some Kool-Aid. He was a very happy guy.

I played with him through two of John's meetings and then he asked to play Dora the Explorer games, from on my laptop. It was fun for a while, but I'd already had a lot of alone time with Jet this week. John finally took over for a while, as we thought about dinner. I still had a craving for Popeye's chicken and John was amenable. He was even happy to take care of Jet while I went out to get it.

There's a place a few miles south of us that has a Popeye's. So I went there. It took about fifteen minutes wither way and about another fifteen to get our dinners. When I got back, the boys were outside mowing the lawn. Jet was sitting in John's lap and watching the mower work under them. They were both covered in mosquito repellant and were cheerfully out there. After mowing, Jet decided he had to play with the gravel in the driveway. So he sat out there and played while we ate our dinner. Made for a pretty peaceful dinner. John went out to watch him after he'd finished, and I got some time with my books and a few cooking shows.

They came in eventually. Jet ate bits of his Popeye's dinner and then played for a good long while. He was climbing John for a while. They lined up crayons, pens, and pencils into a long track and Jet had fun destroying it all. We watched some of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" and then I started to cough and wheeze a lot.

I don't know if it was from laughing so hard, or if it was because of a sudden change in the weather. A low blew threw and then the wind really started picking up. I had to bring the pepper plants indoors, and decided to bring the basil in as well. It's now tall enough to need a little indoor care during the really high winds.

I was wheezing so badly, by then, that I just decided to turn on the air cleaning fans of our central heating system. Five minutes later any my wheezing slowed and got much, much better. I was very happy about that. So it is allergy related. Something is in the air and it's triggering asthma attacks. I'll have to probably check in with a doctor and get some inhaler stuff.

We all had ice cream. Jet got two servings, with sprinkles, as he'd done a good job on dinner. He was pretty tired by then, and had started misbehaving so far as throwing pencils and pens and stuff. With the promise of ice cream, we got him to clean things up, first. He then got his teeth brushed, and nursed to sleep. That was nice after the hiatus of last night and my late rising this morning.

I'm still pretty tired, though, so it's time for me to get to sleep, too

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