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September 21, 2003
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No Power, John Leaves, Missed Swimming, Good Dinner

1:46 pm: The power went out last night. So Jet lost his night light, his humidifier and we lost all sense of time. He got up, crying, and I heard him through the closed door, and poked John. George, however, was already up, with a flashlight, so he went up to take care of Jet! Wow.

So John and I got to sleep for a while longer. I don't know when John got up, but he did, and helped get everyone out the door. I was dead asleep. I'd told John, yesterday, that while I'd help with getting all the food ready, I really, really had to take some time off from people and be home, alone, for a while. So I slept in this morning until 10 am. I then made myself a baked pancake, watered all the plants including the junipers outside, and putzed around the house for a bit.

Twelve hours of sleep felt wonderful. I needed it badly. Especially with John leaving this afternoon, and probable plans for going out swimming this afternoon. The Rec. Center is closed M-F this coming week, just for this coming week, so if I'm going to get any Rec. time in it's going to have to be today.

8:35 pm: So John left at 3 to catch his plane. At 3:30, I tried to wake Jet up, and it wasn't until 4 that he was properly awake. He got a rice ball, ate it, but demanded real sprinkles on his rice ball. So he got rainbow sprinkles on his rice ball. It was pretty delicious according to him, and he ate half of it.

He wasn't that into it. We left at 4:30 to go into Boulder, with all our swimming gear, to return the broken trashcan to the Boulder Target. They'd tried the Longmont Target this morning, but they didn't have it in stock, so we had to go into Boulder. We went there and got it exchanged pretty quickly, and then headed up to Longmont. It still took a whole hour, with all the mileage out to Boulder and then up to Longmont and out to the Rec. Center.

So by the time we got into the front foyer it was 5:30 and there was a sign saying that it was closing at 6. Oops. The pools were already closed. So no swimming today.

I was pretty disappointed. Especially since we *might* have avoided it by not getting our kitchen garbage can. Still, it's the one garbage receptacle we use every day and often. So it was a good thing to have taken care of. Isabel and George took it all in stride. Jet really wanted to go swimming now that we were there. But after explaining, a few times, that we couldn't go swimming and that we could go to a park, he cheered up and said that a park would be good.

So we went to the park behind Lucille's, on sixth and something, and got there just in time to hear a train whistle far off in the distance. By the time Jet got out of the Eurovan and on his feet, the train arrived at the park. I think one of the reasons all that land was available right in the midst of an old, established neighborhood was simply because the train ran right by it. Jet got to see it engines to engine, with all the tankers, boxcars, and flats all described in loving detail by George. Jet added a few 'pink boxcars!' in the mix, and adored the whole experience.

He then ran, played, slid, and climbed for the next forty-five minutes. Isabel and I sat for most of the time, while George climbed up there with him and tried to persuade him to give George his 'soccer ball'. Jet had decided to bring his die along, and he clung to it through thick and thin. That is until George got on the digger, and started making a "really big pile!" of sand for Jet to play with. The die got to sit on the pile a lot of times, get buried and found again as frequently. They got to ride the spring horses, though Jet kept demanding that George sit n the seal instead of the lion. That was pretty funny.

Then Jet climbed the chain link net. He dropped his die while trying to get better handholds, and I was glad of it. We found it again, later, when he came down the slide on the other side. That was good.

When the mosquitoes came out and bit Isabel, we called two minutes, and when his time was up, Jet was actually pretty okay with going in the car and drinking his orange juice. We then went to Souper Salad! and Jet had a great dinner. He got his usual food, sat with us, and ate half a plate of food. He cleaned it right off. He had pepperoni, potato sticks, fish crackers, melon, and grapes. He also drank a little pop. Then ate a bunch of ice cream with sprinkles and cookie crumbs and since he had such a big dinner, he got a second helping of ice cream, which he was much slower going through. He was really happy, though.

After I washed him up, he went, quite happily, back into the van and talked with George the whole time we drove home.

Once home, he got a bath with Isabel and George and I at various times, as we popped in and out. I got the diaper bag out to the curb, as they're often here really early in the morning, now. It is odd when I'm the sole one responsible for all the things that make the household work, the regular things. No one to negotiate everything with. I just do it, and it's easier.

The new garbage can works beautifully, and I'm glad to have it back.

Jet wouldn't go to sleep so long at George or Isabel was up, so when they went down to sleep, he finally consented to having his teeth brushed. There's a two dollar container of erasers that I bought at Office Max a few weeks back that has become Jet's favorite toy. The erasers are in half a dozen different bright colors and all kinds of shapes, so he loves dumping them out, counting them, stuffing them into other toys, and all kinds of games. They're very pliable for games of all kinds. I am still amazed by what Jet gets entertained by.

He didn't get to sleep until after 10, and I just crawled into bed when I finally got him down. He's been doing well, recently, only getting up around 4 am and then going back to sleep, especially if someone sleeps with him until 6:30 or even 7:30... we'll see how he does tonight, especially if the power stays up

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