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September 22, 2003
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Learning and Printing

10:13 pm: I had a very busy day today and not too much sleep last night. I don't really know how much sleep I'll have tonight, either. I never used to sleep all that well when John was gone even without Jet, and now I have even more of an excuse to stay up late with him.

I spent the day swallowing technology. I read big chunks of UML in a Nutshell, our group's coding standards, and tried out some of the cooler items in the XML and perl handbook. It was pretty cool stuff, and it was great to have enough brain to devote to it all. I also tried some rough architectural drawings in order to figure out a better process by which to come up with classes for my project. It worked out pretty well. I'll have tomorrow to concentrate, too, which means I can probably blow off Wednesday and chunks of Thursday as well.

It'll help even more that we can't go swimming.

Wendy came by with the form I had to sign for George and Isabel to drop Jet off and pick him up tomorrow. That was very kind of her, and I was glad to see her. Joan called to say that Haley had croup, lots of sore throat, a big fever, but she was getting a lot better. So that was good.

Isabel and George did great with Jet today. They took him to the park this morning and we all had lunch together when they got back and Jet had fallen asleep in the car on the way home. He slept a good hour and a half, and ate some when he got up.

They were very patient with me. George did a bunch of yard work. Isabel helped with the laundry. Right before we went off to dinner, Ben, the kid who... uhm acts out a lot... from next door marched into the house with a toy for Jet, and proceeded to cough, sneeze, and sniffle his way all over Jet's toys. I only chased him out when we were going out to dinner. I probably should have just thrown him out or something. I was so mortified that he didn't even knock or ask and just came in. Of course, he gave Jet a Lego 'plane', which probably was why he thought he could just come in. As soon as Ben left, I washed the plane and Jet's hands with anti-bacterial soap. I can only hope that's enough to keep the cold off Jet. We'll see. Of course with my luck I'll be the one that gets it, and not Jet.

Isabel was great and encouraged me to just stand up for myself in this case and tell Ben what the rules are. I'll just have to do that. I am very, very uncomfortable with him just coming in without knocking, and got even more unhappy when I saw him running from our yard when we drove back from Santiago's.

I treated George and Isabel to dinner at Santiago's. They'd worked so hard today, and the main reason we were eating out today was just 'cause I couldn't think of anything really good for dinner anyway. It was good and everyone enjoyed their dinners. Eventhough the guy who filled the chile dishes had squiggled on one lid and not the other and we'd assumed that the squiggled one was the half and half. Turned out the squiggle, when looked at the right way was an "M" for mild. Oops.

Jet refused to eat any rice. He had a couple of Triscuits and then didn't eat much else. He played with the plane that Ben gave him a lot, and kept asking us to put it back together for him. He ended up asking for a pancake, so I made him one, and he started eating it but then I was stupid and asked him if wanted any orange juice with that. He started pushing his plate aside to ask for warm, chocolate milk.

We had to just leave it at nothing. Isabel and George were wrestling with Turboprop, our old desktop machine, trying to get it to print one of their emails. It refused, categorically, to do so. When I tried it on my laptop, the printer started up, but then hung in the midst of the print job. I finally had to go upstairs, get the HP printer and just hook it up to my laptop and do it the old-fashioned way. I think our network print server is getting a little flaky, because the printer worked just fine. Whew.

Jet loved the whole deal and lay down on the floor to watch the printer work. He loved that. While George and Isabel figured out what else they wanted to print, I fed Jet his pancake, piece by piece, and he ate it pretty readily. He was hungry enough, and in our parlance, a pancake is 'real food', not a treat like chocolate, ice cream, or candy. He really wanted all the candies out of John's trail mix, and when I wouldn't let him do that, he asked for the pancake. So I agreed. He then ate a couple of pieces of cut melon and a couple of grapes, so I was quite pleased.

He also drank his cup of milk before going to bed, and was very quick about going to sleep tonight, compared to the last couple of nights. I guess he's getting more used to having his grandparents around.

I got a very cool birthday present and card from my parents. The card was quite beautiful, and the present very, very useful and exactly what I needed. I'm very grateful for it, as it's very much for me as I am. That's very, very cool indeed.

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