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September 23, 2003
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Work, Groceries, and Packing

A work day. Isabel and George did all the kid care and sent Jet to pre-school and got him home again. They also went out for lunch, as they had the time and made dinner as well. Wow.

Jet had a good morning at pre-school. He did all kinds of stuff, and fell asleep on the way home. So that was good. He had a two-hour nap as well, which was useful as well.

I worked. I went to the grocery store, afterwards, and got a few things that Isabel said and a lot of things that I really wanted for myself. When I got home, I played with Jet, waited for dinner to start, and then we had dinner. Afterwards, Isabel and George had to pack for their Florida trip, so I took Jet downstairs to play some Playstation games, and he liked sitting in my lap to watch the races and the dragon...

They got a chance to pack. Jet hadn't really eaten anything all day, so when he asked for rice I took advantage of it and made him a rice ball. He ate the whole thing, stuffing a lot of it immediately into his mouth.

So he had a pretty good dinner. Then he asked for ice cream, so we went upstairs and I gave him his ice cream. When he finished it and asked for more, John came home. Jet stopped crying, immediately, for more ice cream, and then ran over to the door to the garage, opened it and went out to greet John. Then he wouldn't let John go for the rest of the evening. He just wanted to play with and be with John as much as he could.

He definitely missed John, and it was very understandable.

John needed to go to sleep, though, as he had to be up at 5 to take his parents to the airport. So he finally did, and Jet and I played a little before Jet finally consented to nurse, and fell asleep within two sucks...

Tired boy. But far happier than before

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