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September 24, 2003
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Jet Eats and Beef Stew

Busy day getting back to being our usual selves. John took Isabel and George to the airport, after taking care of Jet in the middle of the night. He only had to get up once, and then Jet stayed asleep until nearly 6:30, which was when John came home. So Jet trundled out to see John and let me sleep a bit more.

I needed to catch up from the last several nights, too.

Jet had two whole bowls of cereal for breakfast. I guess getting John back improved his appetite. Then we took him to his pre-school and went into work.

As we pulled in at work, the upper parking lot was filled with cars and two enormous, blue tour buses!! I asked John, "What? Are we on the tour route now?"

"Uhm... Yeah. I think so. It's a bunch of the local real estate agents having a seminar about the local real estate or something, and we're on the tour! I guess the people who thought we were building a resort were correct."

Turned out that the agents were just having a seminar, it wasn't actually a tour of the facilities. The company's renting out or loaning out the retreat to local organizations as part of its service to the local community. Pretty Cool.

Work was work. We then came back and got Jet and he was HUNGRY. So he ate when he got home. He had three different things, including cut up melon, an oatmeal cookie, and ramen without the soup. He also had some milk.

But it wasn't until 2 that I finally just grabbed him and presented him with nursing, and he went right to sleep. By then I was so tired that I had given up on thinking, until the house was quiet for a while, and then I started reading the UML book that I'd borrowed from Bob. It's a good thing, too, as I'm having to create diagrams that mean something to the rest of the group fairly quickly, on the project that I've been working on, so it should make clearer, to someone, what it is that I'm doing and how I'm going about it.

Tired from the last several days, and, for some reason, I really resented how little John was actually watching Jet today. He was in the same rooms as Jet, but he wasn't really paying Jet any attention, and Jet was acting up because of it, too.


I relieved some of my stress about it all by making beef stew while Jet was asleep. I used the recipe from The Best Recipe and added some celery, as I remember celery, cooked until it was nothing but a flavor, in the stews that I really enjoyed. So I had it in there. Other than that, the recipe was superb and it didn't rely on anything as mildly revolting as Campbell's Tomato Bisque. John and I loved it, the house was just beautiful with the scent of it. I ended up opening up a bunch of windows to air the house out a little as it was really warm. Outside it hadn't gotten up to 70, yet, and it refreshed the house very quickly. I was able to close everything up just a couple of hours after opening it all up.


Jet didn't eat any of the stew, but he did eat. After the usual debate about ice cream, chocolate, candy, and such, he ended up deciding that he really wanted frozen French fries. Ah well. Since he didn't eat them yesterday or even the last week, we thought it'd be fine for him to eat them. He had a plateful of them, quite happily, and then he cleaned out the last of the ice cream and asked for more. We couldn't give him any more as there wasn't any, so he ended up eating a corndog instead. Yeah. The whole thing...

I guess he's eating again.

John went to bed early, as he'd been up since 5. I kept after Jet to get his PJ's on, and then brush his teeth. I finally just sat down with him and a glass of warm milk on the couch, and he was cheerful enough about nursing. That put him to sleep in no time at all. Whew.

I, on the other hand, stayed up for a bit as my brain's spinning with all the new stuff I'm learning for work. Stuff I'm not sure I really need, but it's stuff that'll probably stand me in better stead as I do more software design in the future. I like that. But it does mean that my brain is really busy with a lot of things, and it's hard to shut it down. So I was up until 11 thinking, mostly, and only settled when I logically knew it was stupid to stay up any longer.

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