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April 3, 2003
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A Good Tired

9:44 pm: Tired, but happier. We went to the Longmont Rec. Center this afternoon and I actually worked out for a while. That was very nice. Just used the elliptical for a good half an hour, and it felt very good to do and then did weights for a good fifteen minutes to get my arms, back, and the side muscles of my hips and knees back into shape.

So I'm pretty tired now. We also dropped the Passat off in Boulder because the air bag warning light was going off. We figure that when they took the steering wheel apart to get at the key switch, they messed with the air bag enough to set the switch off or something. They asked to have it back and they'll fix it.

The day was mildly weird. I now have three major projects in the old group, with all the uncertainty of how the new group is going to work out. It's just all uncertain at the moment, and that makes everything a bit edgier.

Jet did well last night, he got up for short periods, twice, and slept in until 6:30, which is longer than usual. But that also meant that he napped for shorter than usual, just one hour instead of his usual one and a half or two. I was kind of grumpy about that, but then he did great after he woke up and got some lunch into him. He played with the computer with me in the office for a while, and then took himself downstairs and just played quietly. I didn't find a huge mess when I got back down, and he was just happily watching some Disney's Playhouse. He really liked that.

I was glad.

That made it a lot easier to get some thinking time in. I have, actually six different things I'm juggling, three of which are major things that will take weeks to resolve. One of the big ones is under a present time-crunch. The three 'little' ones had one time-crunch one, and the other two had other tails hanging of them into other projects. So I had no idea which one to tackle and I got kind of mad about that.

Finally I just tackled the one time-crunch little one. And I now have it out of the way. That feels much better. Just to have it done.

Jet had a great time swimming. John just swam with him instead of working out, as he still has the tail end of his cold. They played with a little Chinese girl that was a little younger than Jet. It was pretty amazing how much of a difference two months make. But they had fun together.

After dropping off the Passat we stayed in Boulder and had pizza at Abo's. Mmm... Jet was very happy, even before we got there, that we were going to have pizza and pop and he was talking about it all the way there, and smiling. On the way to the Volkswagen dealer he'd started crying about needing a snack, as he was so hungry after swimming. So when we stopped at the dealership, I gave him a couple pretzels and that completely changed his mood. I was glad that it took such a small thing. He ate about two-thirds of a HUGE slice of NY style pizza, pepperoni, cheese, crust and all. Happy boy. He also drank some of John's and my pops and it didn't faze him at all when it came time to go to sleep that John's was a cherry Coke.

So Jet probably processes caffeine the way John does, i.e. he can drink it and go to sleep, no problem, especially when he's tired. That's a very good thing to know.

I got my Lush package today. The UPS guy arrived just as I came home with Jet, and he handed it to me. It smelled wonderful. I got more of my Angels on Bare Skin as my old pot of it has gone kind of gooshy and the Use By date was the end of March. It's also mostly gone as I've been using it on a regular basis and love the results. I also got a free bar of their Virgin Olive Oil soap bar. It smells heavenly. I loved their Okra conditioner, so got a BIG bottle of the stuff, as I love how it smells as well as how it works, and I'm trying a tiny bottle of their stout based shampoo. I got another Dreamtime as I love how they work, and how inexpensive they are compared to the other luxury bath melts. So I'm set for at least another three months. By then it'll be summer and I won't want to be taking hot baths.

A good, odd day. Jayashree is trying to load me up with Good Things To Do, and it's showing. I also was very adamant today about NOT drawing up requirements by myself in a vacuum without talking to at least some of the in-house customers because they're entirely available. It was just wrong. If the schedule can't be made to fit it, I don't want to do it. It finally just came down to that. It just seems wrong to work in a complete vacuum, especially when my customers are so readily available.

I hate telling people, no, I won't do it that way. But I had to, I think. If what they're trying to use and trying to leverage is my experience, then they'd better let me do it the way I want to do it, and the way I think best. It's just damned wrong to come up with a requirements list and a design FIRST and then incrementally 'improve' it with later feedback. It's just wrong to not look at the problem one is trying to solve before coming up with a solution. I'm so tired of that and so tired of having it fought every step of the way instead of being encouraged to do it and supported.

That's what really sucks in an every day kind of way in this particular group. I know that it's not that way across the company. It just isn't. But here it is, and that's one of the reasons I really am not up to fighting it the whole way.

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