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August 4, 2003
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Getting Back to Work

Short Version: Stay at home to work, both of us. Jet up @ 8. Joan's still in Eastern Washington. Jet napped with me. John up at 7. John goes into work at 11:30. Jet stays up, doesn't nap until 2:20. I get told I can't change jobs until October. Talk it out with boss and boss' boss. Bummer. John comes home. I have meeting. We go swimming. Souper! Salad! Jet eats a TON. Safeway. Home. Takes a while to get Jet to sleep.

Jet Things: Pretends to cut our hair with water while in the pool. Calls me Daddy! Calls John Mommy! For fun? Eats cereal for breakfast. Eats 1/2 pound of fries, cold (frozen) and hot (toasted). Eats all the goldfish at the pool. Eats 1/4 pound of pepperoni wrapped around goldfish lookalikes at the restaurant + 5 slices of watermelon + a bowl of ice cream with oreos and sprinkles + 1/2 cup of my pop + water. Tells me about how he wants his food snd what he wants. So he's doing a lot more Pleeze combinations instead of just pleeze!! "My turn!!" is what Jet says when he climbs into his car seat in the Van and he likes that a lot. "Nut!" is the word for a watermelon seed.

A weird day, all in all. I'm disappointed about the job thing, but after hearing abou thow Jayashree got all the way to the point of being a day or two away from making someone an offer and then got the plug pulled out from under her, I can't say that I'm the only one that was disappointed. She had gone a long, long way in the process before being told that it wasn't going to be what we could do anymore. There was some budget thing from way, far above and we'd gone enough over that belt had to be tightened pretty severely. So travel went first, then new people. Not a bad way to go about it, all in all.

Plus, I'll have some time at htis old job that I know so well and know what to do. I don't have to face all the newness immediately from getting home from vacation.

Yes. I'm disappointed. But, there are also good things to go with the bad. And it's beyond anyones control at this point. What's done was done, and while it affects me, it's not too terrible a sentence.

John was great all day He's diappointed for me, too. I can kind of tell.

We all had a great time at the pool. It was getting to be far too hot in the house, so it was quite the relief to get into the air-conditioned Red. Center and do a mile workout before hitting the pool. Jet had a blast. He had his noodle for the deep bits, but he dragged one of the really big, clear floaters in after him when he got to the Lazy River part of the pool. He had to have it. We stuffed the noodle in it to help keep Jet afloat, as he's too small to grab the sides of the float to stay afloat, yet. He liked that.

He loved dinner. For some reason, he was just an eating machine tonight. When we were in line, he pointed out the pepperoni, as usual, as something he really wanted, so I put a pile of it on his plate, only a few feet further in line, he was halfway done with the pile, so we went back and got more. Then I gave him a bunch of the goldfish lookalike cheese crackers, and he started wrapping slice of pepperoni around the fish before eating them together! So he's making his own combinations. When he was finished with the pile of fish and pepperoni he tackled the pile of watermelon I'd gotten. There were two slices that I thought looked really good, and I got a third for the fun of it and had them stacked loosely by my plate. He grabbed each one, in succession, and ate them greedily. He let John and I pick out seeds, spit some out on his own, and then started pointing them out to us. White as well as black, and he called them "Nuts!" and would frown at his slice, saying, "Down there! White nut!" indicating that we should get the offending bit out. He even started tugging at the white strings in the slices, until we'd tell him that they were fine to eat.

This is the kid that, only a few months ago, would carefully pick out the seeds in order to eat them first.

He went through five slices of watermelon that way. Tummy bulging a bit. But then he saw someone walk by with ice cream, so he had to have that, too. He got a good bowl of soft serve with rainbow sprinkles and Oreo crumbles all over it and he spooned it all, carefully, into his mouth. He even used his other hand to wipe his mouth after every spoonful, halfway to push extras in and halfway to clean it off. He's extremelly neat in some ways.

When we were finally done, he went with John to get his hands washed, and we all headed back to the car, where he was very quiet once he got into his seat and got strapped in. I sat with him to keep him awake until we got to Safeway, which was just a couple of miles away. He ran to one of the truck carts, climbed in, and was happy to be in it as we puttered through the produce area, getting salad stuff for John's potluck meeting tomorrow and some ginger and jalepeno's for me and my aspirations for a curry some other day. John disappeared for a while, and I was left with a gradually more bored Jet and the truck cart. So we went for a spin.


I happily found areas of the store with wide open spaces and would spin the cart around a few times, and then swerve wildly to miss shelves, other people, displays, and refridgerators. Jet got into it and started laughing and yelling, "Look out! Look out! Look out!! We're gonna crash!" at people. We got at least half a dozen people to giggle at us. Hee. It was fun, and it kept Jet from climbing out of the cart. John found us, eventually, and we headed for the milk area, and got Jet's milk. John picked up a few other things, and we headed for checkout. I had to run get lox and cream cheese for whenever we do make bagels, and got back to the checkout to find them waiting for me. Not long, but enough that Jet was standing up in the cab, hanging out the front window to see where they were going.

Jet, of course, fell asleep on the way home, and we didn't grudge him that. I picked him up out of the seat when we got back, and he surprised both John and I by waking up. I didnt't even offer him milk after the meal he'd had. He was content to change into his PJ's and actually made no fuss about getting his teeth brushed, a frist, for me, for a long time. But then he wouldn't go to sleep. John fell asleep in the rocking chair before Jet did. So I shoo'ed him off to bed. Jet and I sat in the rocking chair, watched some TV, before he asked to nurse again, and this time he actually fell asleep.

It was a very fun evening. Despite my news of the day, it was actually a pretty good day, I think. I had thoughts about what would happen if magic came back in the world and the first people to discover that fact were two-year-olds. Everyone else has some idea of how the world is supposed to work. People that now believe in magick, God, or spirits would have them behave pretty much as they expected them to, as they'd expect no more, ask no more than they do now, and still attribute the results to their entities' likes or dislikes. Two-year-olds, however, try everything and anything and see what the boundaries and realities are themselves. Five-year-olds, already have a sense of what's right and wrong, what's true and false, and what will work and what won't and are accordingly scornful. Two-year-olds don't. They also don't listen when someone else tells them what they can or can't do, they try it anyway...

So what would happen when a two-year-old tries something that works that everyone else thought shouldn't?

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