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March 23, 2003
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Putzing Around the House

9:48 pm: A very quiet day because John felt like he was sick. The morning was a trade off with my getting to stay asleep for a bit in the early morning, getting up by 8, and then taking Jet until noon.

Jet and I had a blast. We had some corned beef hash for breakfast with eggs and toast, and he ate some toast and poked the egg happily. He didn't eat much of it.

We went out into the snow to refill the bird feeder, explore the yard, swing for a while, get swallowed by some snow drifts, poke at the broken trees, rake some exposed seeds back into the earth, and get the mail. We had a great time, and took several hours enjoying the warm sunshine and the snow. We made hand prints, together, in the heavy stuff, and threw it at the trees. Jet also took some time to play in his playhouse, which he hasn't seen for a few months. He swept out all the dried leaves and rocks, and carefully climbed back out with a smile.

He was half covered in mud by the time we got back to the house. I stripped him off, got him into the house, and he tugged at the new shawl. I wrapped him up in it with a hot water bottle, and he cuddled up happily before asking to nurse. He went right to sleep.

John woke up just as I was going to put Jet into his own room.

We putzed around, making lunch, doing small things. When Jet woke up, we went to the Safeway in Fredrick and filled in a few gaps we'd discovered in our grocery shopping. We bought our milk and some apples, as Jet's been eating the apples like crazy. I also bought some more fish planks as I wanted them and they were on sale.

When we got home it was my turn to nap, for two whole hours. I didn't want to wake up even the, but I forced myself up. I made dinner. Brown rice, lemon chicken, and French cut string beans. Jet protested, vehemently, when I put his chicken on his rice. Finally, I just got him another bowl full of just rice, and he dug into that greedily.

He'd eaten fresh ramen for lunch, and I'd been wanting to put something other than carbos into his diet, but he would have nothing to do even with individual pieces of chicken. Ah well.

After dinner we watched the Oscars on and off. It was interesting. Again, we haven't watched the artistically interesting films of the year. So we had no real idea as to what the movies were that were being awarded. Not a terrible thing. I was very interested in watching how the actors and other movie people talked about the war. Or sidled right around it in interesting ways.

It is a strange time for all.

I managed to finish my socks. Now I can make socks for someone else. Or maybe I should send these, as they'd likely fit some guy. Though what military guy would wear purple socks, I'd wonder. *grin* I may get plain navy or green or something for them, instead

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