Liralen's Adventure Through Life
December 1999
  1: Doing Something for Myself
  2: Oatmeal and Other Fast Food
  4: Long Cooking
  5: Fort Collins
  6: Clean Teeth and Christmas Cards
  7: Massage Night! Yay!
  8: Pain and Salad
  9: Zetta Night
10: Lattes, Chili, and Utena
11: Biking, Work and Roast Beast
12: Scrambled Sunday
13: Meetings and Brainlessness
14: Home Sick. Kinda
15: Communication
16: Resolution and Celebration
17: Fruitcake on the Brain
18: Fruits, Nuts and a Bike
19: Frozen Dog and Hot Sauce
20: Food and Massage
21: Work and Fridge Cleaning
22: Cleaning Up
23: Busy and Brine
24: Cooking Day
25: Christmas Day
26: Lazy Day After
27: Working at Home
28: Crash Team Racing
29: Back to Work
30: Learning Things
31: Quiet Eve of Many Zeros Rolling Over

A month where I learned more about taking care of myself and how to be a better trustee for the resources that are at my disposal. For good or evil I can claim responsibility for my own net worth in terms of financial considerations.

I continue with the massages, with taking Fezzik out to Marshall Mesa to run until he gets into better shape, and with getting to know the people around here better and more thoroughly. Alton Brown does an incredible job of temptation and gets me hooked on, of all things, fruitcake, how to make it, bake it and then soak it in brandy to ripen. I learn about pecans, dried fruits and how to make a dense, rich cake with so much fragrance you can smell everything you're going to taste in it. Obsessions can be marvelous things.

I do a whole lot more dictation as the demands of work and communicating with some of my closest friends takes their toll on my hands; but then John and Kathy and the new PlayStationg analog controllers at least give me back my video games.

We end with the end of the 19XXs. The giant, world-wide odeometer turn over and I get to giggle at all the doomsayers who knew nothing of what they were talking about, and seem to choose the 'I'm helpless against the evil, dominant computers' route rather than actually understanding both their power and their connections. Anyway... it's over, though I bet funny things happen for at least another month.

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