Liralen's Adventure Through Life

So my prophecy of last year came true. In spades, beyond anything I could have imagined, feared, or thought before it became a reality. Not just the arrival of the baby and all the life changes that that implied, but also the events of September 11th, and the aftermath of that change in how everyone thought of travel, terrorism, and what price to be paid for safety. Or how much daily life became precious on the face of that threat.

It amuses me to say that instead of cleaning up the house or cooking like crazy or trying to remodel everything in the house before Jet was born, I spent the weekend before the birth cleaning up all my code. Yeah. Nesting instinct as done by a software engineer. No matter how much people told me that life would change, and how much I believed them, I don't think I could have prepared for just how much everything did change, when Jet was born.

The birthing classes prepared us for everything up to the day we left the hospital, and I was really glad of the classes. The birth itself was memorable, and something that I'll always have as something that I *did* and I think it changed how John saw me as well. He knew I was competent before this, but there was another dimension to it and, I think, to my acceptance of his approval. I really earned it this time.

Jet's been great. He's a basically happy baby, from day one. He's always been cheerful unless he has a reason to be upset, and usually we can do something about it. The something we do has changed, pretty much ever other week, he's doing something new, learning something different, figuring yet another piece of how to bootstrap himself into adulthood and independence. All the parents that told us that babies grow so fast were so right.

That John and I have grown and learned and changed as quickly during this time was necessary. I thought, before the birth, that I'd just hand Jet over to a day care and get back to 'my life' and found that he really *is* my life, for now, while he needs me, and I could never have understood that before. It was just impossible. Instead, we did things the way we always do things, once we actually understood what was going on, we changed, adapted and focussed. Now John works three-quarters time and I work half time, and both of us work a good amount of time from home. Jet does have two to four hours a day with Joan, a great friend of ours who not only has two kids, but also worked in a day care center for a while. Jet loves playing with her kids, which is a very good thing for my sanity.

I'm glad of the growth.

I've also had to work through a bunch of my childhood things in the course of figuring out what to do while raising Jet. Not that any of the plans will survive contact with the enemy, but it's good to dream.

The end of the year brought tooth problems for me. They'll be on-going for a bit. It also brought a bit more self-confidence in doing what we're doing, and more independence from Jet. He's getting mobile, expressive, and starting to problem-solve in a big way. The three of us also decided to travel after Sept. 11 and got over the hump of the first time out after the whole thing, and it was good to do.

So now, once again, we're three. And, this year, I'm not predicting anything for next year.

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