Liralen's Adventure Through Life

This year wasn't nearly as crazy as last year, and I'm very glad of it. It's mostly been a year of getting used to being Jet's parents and figuring out all the things we can do with him. We've tried to accustom him to more new stuff, and go on enough adventures to make him more comfortable with strange things. He's growing like crazy, doing more better all the time.

The big adventure was John's parents' fiftieth anniversary, where his whole family got together for a week in the mountains. We had great babysitters, so were able to do some adventures we haven't had for years. It was also nice to get Jet familiar with his cousins, who all seemed to have a great time playing with him. We also, through the year, did regular visits with my family in San Diego and John's family in Seattle along with all the friends we had to leave in the NorthWest. We also flew to LA to go to Tom Gryn's wedding, all three of us, and had a great time.

We did more adventuring around our Colorado home, too. Joined the local, Longmong First Congregational and found a congregation that loved Jet, that we understand, and which is very comfortable for all of us. So we've been going regularly. Joan and I have been going, regularly, to the Carbon Valley Rec. Center for our deep water aerobics, so it seems natural that Jet's now swimming there on a semi-regular basis with John, and any set of grandparents that happens to be in the neighborhood. The local farmers' markets saw us frequently as well. Near the end of the year, we had the good fortune of discovering the Longmont Rec. Center, too!

John and I got to move with the company to the new facilities. They're beautiful, well-designed, and it was so much fun to work at work, that we managed to reorganize things so that I could go into work two days a week instead of just one. We've also instituted going to new restaurants every Wednesday, to discover all the eats that are available near work. That's been very nice for me, as I like having adult time.

We've also, this year, had our share of colds, flus, and illnesses. I can only hope that with the immune system work we'll have fewer of them for a bit. It has, sometimes, made life very, very interestin.

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