Conventio Amnis Mirabilis is founded.
A corpselike monster emerges from the river at Strasbourg, encountering
Marcus Amadeus and Chloe.
A corrupt priest is apprehended, and Madame Drayton is rescued. 1278

The Count of Strasbourg requests that we take care of a dragon which has been reported in Gern. Horatius, Hieronymous, and Hadrick look for apprentices and slay the dragon. Sir Porphyr is appointed heir to Gern.


Marcus Amadeus lays a ghost to rest in St. Bleys.


A local tribunal is held. A seeker mage has been reported to be upsetting the peasants. Gabriella is sent to talk to him. Horatius trades a mining artifact from the dragon to the dwarves. Hadrick's experimentation goes slightly awry, calling forth an elemental of cold that attacks the covenant until Horatius freezes it with water.


Gabriella and Marcus Amadeus attend the Jerbiton Tribunal with Iason, Gabriella's parens, and are admitted into the house.


Hadrick and Isabeau attend the Flambeau Tribunal. Peter the Giant, an emissary from the other giants, joins the covenant. Harrick offers training in his arts in exchange for Hermetic training. Aeolio offers to join the covenant, and he and Gabriella visit the dwarves. Andrew the Dwarf joins that winter.


Gustav uses Gabriella's lab to make his longevity potion. The lord of Gern dies, and Porphyr leaves. Horatius and Justinian attend the Tremere Tribunal, and Justinian is admitted into the house. While they are gone, Harrick attacks the covenant, attempting to burn the library and steal valuable books and vis. He nearly kills Hadrick, but is forced to flee, wounded, without the books. The Quaesitores and Primus of Flambeau are informed of the danger which Harrick poses.


Hieronymous and Philippe attend the Criamon Tribunal. Marcus Amadeus visits the surrounding towns. He and Chloe encounter her diabolist uncle Robert in St. Bleys. There is a battle with him and some of his cousins, and he is wounded sorely, but repents his sins before he dies.

Marcus Amadeus is smitten by Heloïse of Vermatt.


The grogs which Marcus Amadeus had recruited the previous year arrive. There is a local Tribunal, where a no-growth policy is voted upon. The mages of Nidus Aquilorum trade weather magics to us, and the Bjornaer mages offer to find the heartbeast for adult mages.

Marcus Amadeus weds Heloïse, and Aeolio marries Chloe.


Lucius, Peter, Armand, and Lucky Pierre attend a midwinters festival at the Seelie Court. During this time they strike off the hand of the Unseelie Queen.

1287 Lucius and Aeolio attend the Bonisagus Tribunal. 1288 Lucius' chalk wanders off to sleep with Horatius. 1289

Hadrick visits the castle of Lord Royce at Mosheim to confer with his cook in research of his spell Death of the Butcher's Knives. Hadrick dueled with an Unseelie werewolf, winning.


Lucius, Hieronymous, Horatius, Marcus Amadeus, and Aeolio leave to explore the broken covenants. They explore Lareander, Mistridge, and the Val du Bosque. Gabriella and Justinian attend a local tribunal. Clara declares Wizard War against Cellemon of Windgraven. Bellaquin's mystic defenses are stripped without trouble & a large library is copied for the next two seasons. In Fall, Felix Necromius agrees to become the new nature spirit. In Winter, Mistridge is stripped of power, and a Roc that was either Vulcris's ghost or summoned by her was slain with great difficulty but little danger. At the end of Winter, the expedition attacks Windgraven, taking much Mentem and Corporem vis.


The blue moon, which occurs every 97 years in the spring, happens, and a giant faerie revelry ensues, led by Lord Bogemir. Gabriella and Justinian attempt to keep the faerie from annoying the mundanes too much, enticing them back to the covenant for free wine. The covenant is trashed, but not too badly. Lord Bogemir leaves behind a silver bell. The expeditionary force enters Doissetep, and discovers that it has been at war with the demon from the Val du Bosc for many years, not allowing anyone out during that time. Doissetep is stripped and all of the demon-infested mages are killed save one, who is sent into Twilight. All of the non-infested mages are also killed, save Tanciere. Tanciere leads the expedition to Val-Negra, where the expedition trades for Terram vis. Val-Negra is then shut up behind a gate of time, to protect the Order from a gate to Hell within the covenant. Erat Caecus of Val-Negra gives us some art books, as well as Abaddon's definitive study on fighting demons.

Gustav visits Gabriella and Greta. Lucius wanders out at night and is ambushed by imps and wolves; Hadrick, Horatius, and Aeolio kill the werewolf and scatter the rest.


Gabriella fosters Greta to the Domus Magnus Quaesitoris. The local tribunal is held, and it is decided that Lucius will be one of the three representatives, holding the sigils for Amnis Mirabilis. Adamas will hold the sigils of Nidus Aquilarum and the tribunal's apprentices to become magi, and the Bjornaers will hold their own sigils. Hadrick and Isabeau attend the Flambeau tribunal. Tanciere, the final survivor of Doissetep, visits that winter also.

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Tanciere joins Amnis Mirabilis. The Grand Tribunal is held in XXX, and all of Amnis Mirabilis attends, save for Marcus Amadeus, Justinian and the two apprentices.




Marcus Amadeus fosters out his children, the two with the gift to Houses Mercere and Quaesitor, and the mundane son to be a page of the Count of Lorraine in Strasbourg. Amnis Mirabilis lays claim to a location in Danish Sweden, the future site of the extensive labs. Aeolio, Tanciere, and Chloe leave to end Chloe's parents diabolic reign, returning sucessful, but without Chloe.


Hieronymous begins his researches on the bottom of the lake, by the spring. Blood is spotted seeping out of the earth, all over the covenant.