Liralen's Adventure Through Life
June 2003
  1: Happy Jet
  2: Gooey Ball
  3: Tomatoes, Popscicles, and Hero
  4: Playing in the Rain
  5: Tool Using Jet!
  6: Filling In
  7: Planting Tomatoes and Shopping with Jet
  8: The Quiet Room
  9: Swimming and Pizza
10: Announcement Day
11: Church Meeting in the House
12: Jodie's, Swimming, and Chinese Buffet
13: Eating Jet, Freddi Fish, and Stretches
14: Toilet Paper and Local Strawberries
15: Father's Day
16: Swimming Fun
17: Bolt Cutters
18: X2
19: Underwater Jet
20: Massage and Tomato Cages
22: Visitors for the Weekend
23: Planned Day
24: Presentations
25: Sick Day
26: Gensomaden Saiyuki
27: Breakfast and Rec. Center
28: Running Around and Working Jet
29: Sleepy Sunday
30: Quiet Monday

Summer starts with Popsicles and the tomato plants coming into bloom and starting to fruit. The heat is on, but the rain storms and afternoon thunderstorms have been good for cooling off with. It's a good start to the summer with much more rain than the last several years, winter wheat turning golden, and regular visits to the Rec. Center.

My work situation finally settles out, as things happen to make my transfer possible, and a huge weight lifts from my shoulders. But even as that happens my hands get much, much worse so I do a little research and do a lot more preventative measures and by the end of the month I see a lot of improvement. Yay for trying things!

Jet gets a whole lot more capable and very willing to work at things I didn't think possible, but he's going at it. It should be a great introduction to the strange life we'll be living on the road for the next month.

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